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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

51s Can't Overcome 4 Errors and a Wild Montero in Loss

Reno Aces @ Las Vegas 51s


April 29, 2014


Randy Wolf @ Rafael Montero



Las Vegas


The Highlights: 


Rafael Montero – 4 IP, 3 H, 5 R, 3 ER, 4 BB, 3 SO, 93 pitches, 54 strikes (58%), 21 batters faced, 7 groundouts, 5 fly outs

Joel Carreno – 2 IP, H, 3 SO, 29 pitches, 21 strikes, 7 batters faced, 1 groundout, 1 fly out


REHAB UPDATE: Juan Lagares – 1-1, 2B, R, did not start but got a 51s rally started pinch hitting in the 5th

Eric Campbell – 2-4, R, RBI, BB, SO

Wilmer Flores – 2-5, 2 RBI (13), 2B (3), 3 SO, CS


            Looking to bounce back from a loss in the opener, the Las Vegas 51s sent Rafael Montero (L, 3-1) to hill opposite Randy Wolf (W, 3-1) for the Reno Aces Tuesday night at Cashman Field. Montero would start out strong, but got a little wild starting in the 3rd, got no defensive help in the 4th, and was at too high of a pitch count to start the 5th. So it was a short outing for Montero, on what became an unusually wild night for the New York Mets top prospect best known for his control, as he only threw 58% strikes. Wilmer Flores returned to the lineup, likely limited to 1B duty considering his hand injury – Las Vegas has Dykstra and Allen as 1B-only guys already, so they’re not going to be using Wilmer at 1B unless it’s the only place he can play. Cesar Puello returned to the lineup and led off – he hadn’t started in 3 of 4 games and that was starting to concern me. Also, rehabbing Juan Lagares made a pinch hitting appearance and is schedule to play all 9 innings Wednesday before rejoining the Mets in Colorado Thursday.
            The 51s got the scoring started in the second, as the first three batters would reach, including an RBI single for SS Danny Muno. They wouldn’t score again until Randy Wolf tired in the 5th as Juan Lagares got a rally started with a double and Wilmer Flores ended the rally with a double of his own for 2 RBI’s. In between, here is what Rafael Montero had done:

1st inning – Worked around a Muno error for a scoreless inning, getting weak contact from all four hitters.
2nd inning – Had a nice sequence to the leadoff hitter that ended with a called strike on a slider then a fastball. Followed that by getting a weak groundout to Lutz and a liner to Campbell.
3rd inning – This is when his control issues started on the night, as he walked the leadoff hitter on four straight pitches out of the zone. After fielding his position on a decent bunt from Wolf, Montero got Ender Inciarte swinging. He then walked Gregorius on 5 pitches before getting a line out to 1B.
4th inning – Was his biggest enemy in this inning, as he walked two of the first three batters, with the other hitter reaching on a flare to the outfield. After a visit from the pitching coach, Montero would induce another groundball that found its way into RF. The next batter chopped it weakly passed the mound, just out of the reach of Rafael Montero, and then off the glove of 2B Eric Campbell for an error. The next batter would hit a sac fly on a high fly ball to CF. The 8th batter of the inning hit another groundball that got through, this time up the middle into CF – this was bobbled by M∂D, which allowed a second run to score on the play.

The Aces tacked on two key runs off Buddy Carlyle in the top of the 5th, which proved important as Las Vegas would get those 2 runs back in the bottom of the 8th. The Aces rally in the 8th was aided by another 51s error, this time by Zach Lutz on his throw. Still, Buddy Carlyle wasn’t at his best in the inning, giving up some hard contact. The 51s 8th inning rally involved a Matt ∂en Dekker walk, followed by an RBI double for Anthony Seratelli, who was driven in by an Eric Campbell RBI single two batters later.
            The last 4 innings of the game were handled nicely by the 51s pen, highlighted by Joel Carreno’s three strikeouts over two innings pitched, facing one over the minimum. Erik Goeddel and Jeff Walters each threw a scoreless inning with one base runner allowed.
            Looking ahead, the 51s send top Mets prospect Noah Syndergaard to the mound opposite a Reno starter not yet announced online. Thor is coming off a solid start in a win against the PCL’s top offense last time out and will be making his last start in April. Game time is at 10:05 PM ET, hopefully there won’t be any rain delays in Philadelphia to cause any timing conflicts again.


Play By Play

1st inning
1)   CF Ender Inciarte flied out to shallow RF. 9/F9LS
2)   2B Didi Gregorius flied out to LF. 7/F7D
3)   RF Alfredo Marte hit a soft grounder at the SS that Muno bobbled near the grass. E6/G6S
4)   1B Mike Jacobs hit a medium grounder at Muno, who was in a shift. 63/G6M
Totals: E, LOBster
1)    LF Cesar Puello hit a medium roller at the SS. 63/G6
2)   2B Eric Campbell hit a sharp grounder up the middle for a single. S8/G6M
3)   1B Wilmer Flores lined a single into RF. Campbell advanced to 3B. S9/L9S
4)   RF Andrew Brown struck out swinging on a 3-2 pitch with Wilmer running. Flores was out by a lot at 2B.
Totals:  2 H, SO, CS, LOBster
2nd inning
1)   3B Andy Marte struck out looking at a fastball after taking two straight sliders.
2)   LF Aaron Cunningham hit a weak grounder towards Lutz. 53/G5S
3)   C Bobby Wilson hit a line drive at Campbell. 4/L4
Totals: SO
1)   3B Zach Lutz took 5 pitches for a walk.
2)   C Taylor Teagarden hit a fly ball that fell in between the LF and CF for a single. S8/F78
3)   SS Danny Muno hit a medium groundball through the middle for an RBI single. S8/G4M
4)   CF Matt ∂en Dekker pulled a weak grounder to 1B. 3u/G3
5)   P Rafael Montero struck out swinging.
6)   Puello hit a weak groundball at the 2B. 43/G4
Totals: R, 2 H, BB, SO, 2 LOBsters
3rd inning
1)   SS Nick Ahmed took a strike and then 4 balls for a walk.
2)   P Randy Wolf sacrificed Ahmed to 2B with a bunt down the 1B line. 13/B3S
3)   Inciarte struck out swinging.
4)   Gregorius took 5 pitches for a walk.
5)   Marte lined out to 1B. 3/L3
Totals: 2 BB, sac, SO, 2 LOBsters
1)   Campbell lined out to RF. 9/L9
2)   Flores struck out swinging.
3)   Brown struck out swinging, 3-pitch K.
Totals: 2 SO
4th inning
1)   Jacobs walked.
2)   Marte flared a single in CF. S8/L8S
3)   Cunningham walked.
4)   Wilson pulled a 0-2 grounder into LF for an RBI single.
5)   Ahmed hit a weak grounder up the middle that got just under the glove of Montero and then deflected off the glove of Campbell positioned right at the bag. E4/G4M
6)   Wolf hit a soft fly ball out to CF, not too deep but M∂D’s throw came to 3B. SF8/F8
7)   Inciarte struck out swinging.
8)   Gregorius hit an RBI single into CF that M∂D bobbled, allowing a second run to score. S8/L8S -> E8
9)   Marte flies out to the LF warning track.
Totals: 5 R, 1 ER, 3 H, 2 BB, 2 E, SF, SO, 1 LOBster
1)   Lutz hit a medium roller up the middle. 63/G6M
2)   Teagarden couldn’t check his swing for a strikeout.
3)   Muno broke hit bat on a medium grounder at the SS. 63/G6
Totals: SO
5th inning  
Top (Substitution: Buddy Carlyle pitching for Las Vegas)
1)   Jacobs lined a single the other way. S7/L7
2)   Marte lined out to CF on the first pitch. 8/L8
3)   Cunningham reached on a throwing error from Lutz. E5/G5
4)   Wilson hit a grounder up the middle for an RBI single. S8/G4M
5)   Ahmed got HBP.
6)   Wolf struck out swinging.
7)   Inciarte lined a single into CF. S8/L6MD
8)   Gregorius flied out to the RF warning track. 9/F9D
Totals: 2 R, 3 H, HBP, E, SO, 3 LOBsters
1)   ∂en Dekker flew out to the LF corner. 7/F7LD
2)   PH JUAN LAGARES lined a double into right-center field. 2B8/L89
3)   Puello got jammed on a soft two-hopper to the 3B. 53/G5S
4)   Campbell walked. Wolf was starting to look tired.
*Wild pitch advances the runners.
5)   Flores pulled a liner down the 3B line for a 2-RBI double. 2B7/L5D
6)   Brown grounded a single into CF but Flores was thrown out trying to score – not really close. S8/G4M
Totals: 2R, H, 2B, BB, LOBster
6th inning
Top (Substitutions: Joel Carreno pitching, Anthony Seratelli playing RF and batting 9th for Las Vegas)
1)   Marte hit a high fly ball to LF. 7/F7
2)   Jacobs hit a medium roller where the SS would have been standing without the defensive shift used against Jacobs. S8/G6
3)   Marte struck out looking at a fastball on the outside corner, knee-high.
4)   Cunningham hit a foul pop out behind the plate. 2/2F
Totals: H, SO, LOBster
1)   Lutz walked.
2)   Teagarden struck out swinging – 3 pitches.
3)   Muno lined a single into CF that fell right in front of CF Inciarte, whose throw nearly got Lutz at 2B, but was not handled cleanly at the bag. S8/L8S
(Substitution: Eury De La Rosa pitching for Reno)
4)   ∂en Dekker hit a medium grounder back to the mound for a force out at 2B. 14/G1
5)   RF Seratelli walked on a full count.
(Substitutions: Kevin Munson pitching, Trent Oeltjen playing LF and batting 9th for Reno)
6)   Puello struck out swinging on a 1-2 count.
Totals: H, 2 BB, 2 SO, 3 LOBsters
7th inning
1)   Wilson fell behind 0-2 before taking three pitches very low, but then couldn’t hold his swing on a pitch in the dirt for a strikeout.
2)   Ahmed struck out swinging on a fastball.
3)   LF Oeltjen hit a medium groundball to the 2B on a first-pitch fastball. 43/G4
Totals: 2 SO
1)   Campbell struck out swinging – 3 pitches.
2)   Flores struck out swinging on a foul tip into the mound – pitch was a high fastball.
3)   PH Brandon Allen singled on a broken bat flare into RF. S9/F9S
4)   Lutz got HBP.
5)   Teagarden struck out swinging.
Totals: H, HBP, 3 SO, 2 LOBsters
8th inning
Top (Substitutions: Erik Goeddel pitching, Allen playing RF, Seratelli playing 2B, Campbell playing 3B for Las Vegas)
1)   Inciarte grounded out to Seratelli. 43/G4
2)   Gregorius doubled to RF. 2B9/F9
3)   Marte grounded out to Seratelli. 43/G4
4)   Jacobs lined out at Seratelli. 4/L4
Totals: H, 2B, LOBster
Bottom (Substitution: Joe Patterson pitching for Reno)
1)   Muno hit a medium groundout up the middle. 63/G6M
2)   ∂en Dekker walked.
3)   Seratelli lined a double into the LF corner. 2B7/L7L
(Substitution: Evan Marshall pitching for Reno)
4)   Puello hit a hard RBI grounder towards 3B that Andy Marte made a nice play on. Seratelli to 3B. 53/G5
5)   Campbell grounded an RBI single up the middle. S8/G6M
6)   Flores struck out swinging – 3 pitches.
Totals: 2 R, 2 H, BB, SO, LOBster
9th inning
Top (Substitution: Jeff Walters pitching for Las Vegas)
1)   Marte hit a medium grounder right at Campbell – took a high hop. 53/G5
2)   P Marshall struck out swinging at a fastball.
3)   Wilson walked.
4)   Ahmed hit a medium two-hopper at Campbell. 53/G5
Totals: BB, LOBster
1)   Allen flied out to the warning track in LF. 7/F7D
2)   PH Dykstra walked on five pitches.
3)   Teagarden struck out swinging.
4)   Muno struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
Totals: BB, 2 SO, LOBster

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