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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

51s Score in Each of the First 7 Innings to Beat Up El Paso 21-9

El Paso Chihuahuas @ Las Vegas 51s


Ruben Mejia @ Dana Eveland


El Paso

Las Vegas


The Highlights:


Both are Wilmer Flores


Eveland – 5 IP, 8: 1 K: BB


Puello – 3-7, 4 R, SO

Campbell – 4-5, 3 R, 3 RBI, BB, 2 2B (8), SO

Dykstra – 4-5, 4 R, 5 RBI, BB, 2 2B (8), HR (3)

den Dekker – 3-4, 4 R, 5 RBI, 2 BB, 3B (1), HR (1)

Conrad – 4-5, 2 R, 3 RBI, 2B (7), 2 HR (4)


            Unfortunately for 22-year-old Ruben Mejia, he was called up from the Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres A+ organization) to make an emergency start for the Chihuahua’s today, the first AAA start of his professional career – he previously had 2.2 IP at AA the past two seasons, and 14.2 IP at A+ total, all this season. It did not go well, as he was only able to record one out, while being charged with the 51s first seven runs, all earned. Fortunately for the 51s offense, it didn’t matter who was on the mound today, as they just kept scoring – they managed to score in each of the first 7 innings, 21 runs off 21 hits total, and Jeff Francoeur (!) was the only ‘pitcher’ who held them scoreless. Must have been something about the wind today though, as El Paso managed to tally nine runs off fourteen hits themselves - of note for El Paso was Brooks Conrad and when Monday night's starter (former MLB OF Jason Lane) hit a pinch hit HR.
            Dana Eveland worked in and out of trouble most of his outing, only managing one clean inning in the 3rd. Despite that, he actually managed to strike out six batters in a row at one point – the pitcher on a foul bunt attempt, and then he got five straight swinging strike outs. I was becoming impressed, and thinking he might go deep into the game considering the lead that was building. Unfortunately for Eveland’s bottom line for the day, those strikeouts were sandwiched by two bombs.
            Giancarlo Alvarado was getting his first action in 12 days after being reactivated, and he looked rusty. He flashed what appeared to be a good cutter a few times, but was hittable and had poor command.
             Edgin came in and was the best pitcher of the day, non Jeff Francoeur division. That said, he still gave up a bomb to Conrad and another hit to Moore – those guys have been crushing the ball while in Vegas. More inexcusable, he walked a batter with a 12 run lead in the 9th. Just throw the ball over the plate, there not going to score 12 runs.
            Offensively, there is too much to recap really – it was a party for all. Puello, Campbell, Dykstra and den Dekker all had huge days, keeping the carousel (see intro picture) going all night. Dykstra hit two balls that may have been triples for faster hitters, but settled one triple shy of the cycle – den Dekker was a double shy!
In all, an exhausting game for scorekeepers everywhere! Great win for the 51s offense, they have a number of hitters on fire – wish the Mets were hitting this well!!! They 51s could’ve spared plenty of runs today. Eric Campbell and Allen Dykstra have been tearing it up all season (all 3 weeks of it); I wonder how long they need to hit this well to get a call up. Puello looks to be breaking out of his early season slump that had many casual fans worried. Finally, I can only hope this is the start of a big streak for Matt den Dekker.
The 51s next play Thursday, as Tacoma comes into town – Rafael Montero is scheduled to pitch against Chance Ruffin. Keep checking in for the most extensive 51s recaps anywhere, available only at Astromets Mind.

Play By Play

1st inning


1)   Rico Noel hit a line drive into CF for a single on a first-pitch fastball.
2)   Daniel Robertson lined a double down the RF line on a first-pitch fastball.
3)   Cameron Maybin saw a number of sliders, all missing the zone, for a walk.
4)   Cody Decker hit a medium groundball a few steps to the right of Flores that started an easy 6-4-3 double play.
5)   Jeff Francoeur struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
Totals: 1 R, 2 H, 2B, 1 SO, 6-4-3 DP, 1 LOB


1)   Cesar Puello lined a 0-1 fastball into RF for a single.
2)   Eric Campbell walked on four pitches - Mejia wasn’t near the zone.
3)   Wilmer Flores saw a full array of pitches (including a nice curve) while working a full count before hitting a hard groundball through the 2B hole. The bases were loaded with no outs for both teams in the first!
4)   Allan Dykstra took all six pitches to draw the second straight full count walk for the 51s.
5)   Matt den Dekker pulled the first-pitch fastball sharply into RF, beyond the reach of a diving Robertson, for a 2 RBI single.
(Pitching coach visit)
6)   Anthony Seratelli took two straight strikes before he struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
7)   Juan Centeno walked on five pitches to re-load the bases.
8)   Danny Muno hit a high pop up down the left field line that landed beyond the reach of Gonzalez, just fair, for an RBI single.
(Pitching switch, Timothy Sexton pitching for El Paso)
9)   Eveland got down 0-2 quickly, but kept fouling pitches off until he eventually walked in a run – professional at bat!
10)         After a questionable 1-1 curveball on the inside was called a strike, Puello hit a slow grounder down the 3B line – the only play was to home.
11)         Campbell hit a soft liner up the middle that scored two.
12)         Flores lined a fastball to the RF.
Totals: 7 R, 5 H, 4 BB, SO, 2 LOB

2nd inning


1)   Brooks Conrad launched a no-doubter to LF on a first-pitch fastball.
2)   Adam Moore lined a double that one-hopped the RF wall.
3)   Alberto Gonzalez hit a pretty routine two-hopper to Flores, but his throw was low and Dykstra was unable to handle it cleanly for an error on Flores (5). Most 1B make the play.
4)   Sexton struck out on a failed bunt attempt.
5)   Noel struck out swinging.
6)   Robertson struck out swinging.
Totals: 1 R, 2 H, 1 2B, 1 HR, 1 E, 3 SO, 2 LOB


1)   Dykstra hit a high fly ball off the RF wall for a double – most runners likely make it to 3B, as the ball bounced away from the out fielders.
2)   den Dekker lined a 400+ foot triple over the CF head – remember, it’s 433 ft to straightaway CF.
3)   Seratelli hit a sac fly to deep RF.
4)   Centeno hit a one-hopper up the middle but right at the SS.
5)   Muno struck out swinging at a 91 MPH fastball.
Totals: 2 R, 2 H, 1 2B, 1 3B, 1 SF, 1 SO

3rd inning


1)   Maybin struck out swinging on an outside breaking ball.
2)   Decker struck out swinging on three pitches.
3)   Francoeur struck out swinging on a change-up.
Totals: 3 SO, 11 pitches, 4 swinging strikes


1)   Eveland lined a single into RF.
2)   Puello lined a single off the glove of a diving Conrad.
3)   Campbell lined a one-hopper off the glove off a diving Gonzalez to load the bases.
(All runners advance on a wild pitch)
4)   With the infield in, Flores hit a one-hopper down the 3B line and Conrad was able to get the throw to 1B just in time.
5)   Dykstra lined a single into RF to score two.
(Pitching change, Jorge Reyes pitching for El Paso)
6)   den Dekker walked on four pitches.
7)   Seratelli flied out to shallow right-center field and robbed of a bloop hit by a sliding Cameron Maybin.
8)   Centeno lined a long single into the left-center field gap to score Dykstra from second – den Dekker went to 3B.
9)   Muno walked on a 3-1 fastball to the backstop – den Dekker scored on the wild pitch.
10)         Eveland flied out to CF to end the inning.
Totals: 5 R, 5 H, 2 BB, 2 LOB

4th inning


1)   Conrad lined out softly to the 3B.
2)   Moore hit a hard one-hopper that Flores flagged down as he lunged to his left, then set and made a strong throw to record the out.
3)   Gonzalez hooked a liner into the LF corner for a double.
4)   Jason Lane was called to pinch hit and hit the first pitch over the left-center field wall for a 2R-HR.
5)   Noel struck out swinging on a low breaking ball.
Totals: 2 R, 2 H, 1 2B, 1 HR, 1 SO

Bottom (Leonel Campos pitching for El Paso)

1)   Puello hit a groundball that was booted by the 2B for an error.
2)   Campbell called out on strikes.
3)   Flores hit a 400+ foot out to CF.
4)   Dykstra skied a 2R-HR over the tall LF wall.
5)   den Dekker walked.
6)   Seratelli walked.
(Pitching coach visited the mound)
7)   Centeno struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
Totals: 2R, 1 H, 1 HR, 2 BB, 1 SO, 1 E, 2 LOB

5th inning  


1)   Robertson grounded out to Wilmer Flores.
2)   Maybin singled on a line drive to CF.
3)   Decker grounded out softly to the 3B whose only play was at 1B.
4)   Francoeur popped out to Dykstra in foul territory.
Totals: 1 H, 1 LOB

Bottom (Blaine Boyer pitcher for El Paso)

1)   Muno hit a medium grounder to the 1B.
2)   Eveland bounced back to the pitcher.
3)   Puello hit a soft grounder behind the mound that the 2B barehanded, but he was unable to throw onto 1B in time.
4)   Campbell pulled a double down the 3B line to score Puello from 1B.
5)   Flores popped one out to shallow LF, handled by the SS.
Totals: 1 R, 2 H, 1 2B, 1 LOB

6th inning

Top (Giancarlo Alvarado pitching for Las Vegas)

1)   Conrad pulled a medium grounder over the 1B bag for a double.
2)   Moore hit a soft grounder up the middle handled cleanly by Flores. His throw wasn’t great, but good enough for Dykstra.
3)   Gonzalez popped out to the C in foul territory.
4)   Reymond Fuentes was sent to pinch hit and walked.
5)   Noel struck out on a high fastball (possibly a cutter).
Totals: 1 H, 1 2B, 1 BB, 2 LOB

Bottom (Tony Sipp pitching for El Paso)

1)   Dykstra hit a medium grounder to the 1B.
2)   den Dekker pulled a HR over the RF wall.
3)   Seratelli hit a hard grounder to the 3B that wasn’t handled cleanly for an error.
4)   Centeno hit a flyball to LF.
5)   Muno struck out swinging on a high fastball.
Totals: 1 R, 1 HR, 1 E, 1 LOB

7th inning


1)   Robertson walked on a full count.
2)   Maybin pulled a soft tapper that Campbell charged on the infield grass, but couldn’t field cleanly, for an infield single.
3)   Decker flied out to RF – Robertson tagged and went to 3B.
4)   Francoeur grounded out softly to the 2B. Robertson scored, Maybin to 2B.
5)   Conrad singled off the base of the LF wall – held to a single thanks to Seratelli bare-handing the bounce off the wall. Maybin scored.
6)   Moore walked on four pitches.
(Pitching coach visit)
7)   Gonzalez hit a hard grounder to the right of Flores; he dove to make the stop, then got up and made the throw to 1B in time!
Totals: 2 R, 2 H, 2 BB, 2 LOB

Bottom (Bobby LaFromboise pitching for El Paso)

1)   Alvarado pulled a hard one-hopper into LF for a single.
2)   Puello struck out swinging.
3)   Campbell hit a line drive into the left-center field gap for a double. Alvarado to 3B.
4)   Flores hit a line drive single into CF for 2 RBI’s.
5)   Dykstra doubled on a deep fly ball to straightaway CF that bounced off the top of Maybin’s glove. Flores only to 3B because it appeared Maybin would make the catch.
6)   den Dekker hit a medium grounder up the middle that drove in Flores, but the 2B was able to get den Dekker by a step.
7)   Seratelli walked.
(Double switch, Kevin Quackenbush pitching for El Paso)
8)   Centeno hit a medium grounder out to the 1B.
Totals: 3 R, 4 H, 2 2B, 1 SO

8th inning


1)   Alex Castellanos struck out swinging on a low fastball (likely a cutter).
2)   Noel hit a line drive single to CF.
3)   Robertson hit a hard grounder to the SS hole that Flores tracked down with a backhanded slide attempt, and then threw to 2B for the force out.
4)   Maybin hit a HR to LF.
5)   Decker popped out to Centeno in foul ground on the first pitch.
Totals: 2 R, 2 H, 1 HR, 1 SO

Bottom (Jeff Francoeur pitching for El Paso)

1)   Muno struck out swinging.
2)   Kai Gronauer got on base the hard way, via a HBP.
3)   Puello hit a fly ball to the CF.
4)   Campbell was the second batter to be hit by a Francoeur pitch.
5)   Flores hit a check swing down the 1B line to end the inning.
Totals: 1 SO, 2 HBP

9th inning

Top  (Josh Edgin pitching for Las Vegas)

1)   Francoeur struck out swinging on a fastball.
2)   Conrad hit another no-doubter over the left-center field wall.
3)   Moore hit a fly ball to shallow RF that fell between Puello and Muno for a single.
4)   Kyle Blanks hit a line drive to the 3B.
5)   Castellanos walked on a full count.
6)   Noel struck out looking on what he thought was ball 4 to end the game!
Totals: 1 R, 1 H, 1 HR, 1 SO
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