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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

B-Mets Bats K 14 Times While Being Shutout in Opener Against Akron

Binghamton Mets @ Akron Rubberducks


Tyler Pill @ Will Roberts





The Highlights:


Pill (L, 0-4) – 5 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 4 SO, 86 pitches, 53 strikes (62%), 19 batters faced, 5 groundouts, 3 fly outs

Chism – 2 IP, H, SO, 27 pitches, 15 strikes (56%), 7 batters faced, 2 groundouts, 2 fly outs


Matt Reynolds – 3-4, 3B, SO


Like the guy in the Pilgrim-Turkey suit (um?), the B-Mets would fall behind early and never catch up


            In the first game of a three-game set in Akron, the Binghamton Mets sent RHP Tyler Pill against the Rubberducks RHP Will Roberts. Both starting pitchers were facing the team who beat them in their first start of the season, and while Tyler Pill was very good for five innings, Will Roberts (W, 3-2) was a little better over six, striking out seven B-Mets while giving up only two singles, a triple and a double. The triple was one of three hits on the night for SS Matt Reynolds, who has been the B-Mets hottest hitter (.389/.464/.458 in 84 PA’s), having now hit in fourteen straight games (25-52 in that span). Unfortunately for the B-Mets, the only other, non-Reynolds base runner they would get after Darrel Ceciliani led off the game with a walk was a single by Cory Vaughn in the 4th. With the shutout, the B-Mets have been held scoreless in twenty of their last twenty-one innings, with the exception being a nine-run outburst Sunday afternoon. The loss brings them to 12-9 on the season, 3rd place in their division.
            This game was a 1-0 pitcher’s duel from the start, with the B-Mets batters striking out at least once every inning except the 4th. Tyler Pill led off the bottom of the 1st with walks to the first two batters, before getting 3 straight groundballs. Unfortunately, B-Mets SS Reynolds is a little limited in his range, and just couldn’t get to the first of those groundballs, leading to an RBI single for Akron 3B Giovanny Urshela. That’s how things would stay until the bottom of the 8th, when LH relief pitcher Adam Kolarek would induce ground balls to the first two batters of the inning, which would both go for errors – one on Lawley, the other on Reynolds (his second of the game). After a sac bunt and intentional walk loaded the bases with one out, Kolarek would give up a two-run double on a line-drive into the RF corner. Kolarek would give up another bases loaded hit 3 batters later, before finally getting out of the inning by inducing a come-backer to the mound. All 3 runs he allowed in the inning were unearned.
            Tyler Pill was very sharp after those leadoff walks, striking out the side swinging in the 4th, and flashing some nice off-speed stuff throughout the game. He did not look tired in the 5th, but I assume he is on a pitch count of around 90 this early in the season and was already at 86 after 5. He induced weak contact all night and allowed only 3 hits in what had to be his best start of the season thus far. Hopefully this is a start Pill can build some confidence around, as he was looking like a good pitching prospect as recently as 2012, before a shoulder strain (from a Bennett lesion) caused 2013 to be a lost year, as he only made 4 April starts for Bingo. I am now excited to see how he follows this up.
            Bridging the gap between Pill and Kolarek was 2 good innings from TJ Chism. He gave up some solid contact to the first two batters he faced, but then got 2 pop ups, 2 grounders on the infield, and a swinging strikeout to end his outing.
            Near scare with respect to B-Mets C Plawecki in the second, after he took a foul ball off his arm and had the trainer come to check on him. He would be OK and stay in the game; he even threw out Akron CF Tyler Naquin trying to steal 2B in the 5th.
            The B-Mets continue their series with Akron Tuesday night with Hansel Robles scheduled to face off against Kyle Davies at 6:35 PM ET. Robles will be looking for a bounce back effort coming off a no-decision in his shortest outing last time out, the first time he had given up any runs this season. Overall, he has gotten by with a ridiculous 30.6% K-rate so far this season, including a 13.5% swinging K-rate (compared to 18.2% and 8.7% league averages) – aka 19 strikeouts in 14.2 IP. He’s also yet to give up a HR and only given up 10 hits so far. Unfortunately, he also has 10 walks early, so that will be something to keep an eye on. The New York Mets play the Phillies, so we’ll see how much of this game I get to watch, as my focus will be on 51s scheduled starter Rafael Montero after the Mets take care of the Phils.

Play By Play

1st inning


1)   Darrell Ceciliani walked.
2)   Brian Burgamy flied out to LF. 7/F7
3)   Matt Reynolds struck out swinging. Ceciliani was running on the pitch and stole 2B – he had a great jump, Reynolds was kind of just casually walking in front of the catcher but didn’t interfere.
4)   Matt Clark flied out to deep CF – it was a nice, running catch at the warning track. 8/F8D
Totals:  BB, SB, SO, LOB


1)    Tyler Naquin walked.
2)   Francisco Lindor walked.
3)   Giovanny Urshela hit a medium groundball up the middle for an RBI single into CF. Lindor was throw out at 3B, Urshela would end up at 2B. S8/L8
4)   Brian LaHair grounded out to 2B. 43/G4
5)   Joe Wendle grounded out to Clark. 31/G3
Totals: R, H, 2 BB, LOB

2nd inning


1)   Cory Vaughn flied out to RF. 9/F9
2)   Kevin Plawecki struck out swinging.
3)   Jayce Boyd grounded out to 2B. 43/G4
Totals: SO


1)   Bryson Myles strikes out swinging.
2)   Tony Wolters hit a hard grounder up the middle that deflected of the glove of Reynolds. E6/G6M
3)   Jordan Smith got under one to the warning track in RF. 9/F9D
4)   Ronny Rodriguez popped out to the 1B. 3/P3
Totals: E, SO, LOB

3rd inning


1)   Dustin Lawley struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
2)   Travis Taijeron struck out swinging on a fastball at the knees.
3)   Ceciliani hit a medium grounder to 1B on the first pitch. 3u/G3
Totals: 2 SO


1)   Naquin reached out and flared one off the end of the bat out to LF. 7/F7
2)   Lindor broke hit bat on a flare into shallow RF. S9/F9S
3)   Urshela hit a liner well out to right-center field. 9/L89
4)   LaHair hit a hard liner right at Clark. 3/L3
Totals: H, LOB

4th inning


1)   Burgamy hit a medium roller to the left of the 2B, who just had enough range to get the ball, spin and throw onto 1B for the out. 43/G34D
2)   Reynolds hit a hard liner off the top of the SS, who had jumped and reached as high as he could to get it but needed another inch or two. S6/L6
3)   Clark popped out to shallow LF. 7/P7S
4)   Vaughn hit a sinking liner into LF. S7/L7S
5)   Plawecki hit a high fly ball out to CF. 8/F8
Totals: 2 H, 2 LOB


1)   Wendle struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
2)   Myles swung through a 1-1 fastball before he struck out swinging on an 80 MPH 2-2 change-up.
3)   Wolters struck out swinging on a 3-2 off-speed pitch – was way out in front.
Totals: 3 SO

5th inning  


1)   Boyd grounded out to 3B. 53/G5
2)   Lawley struck out swinging on a breaking ball that just dropped out of the zone – was a nasty pitch.
3)   Taijeron struck out looking at a 92 MPH fastball on the outside corner.
Totals: 2 SO


1)   Smith hit a medium grounder up the middle that was backhanded by the 2B. 43/G4M
2)   Rodriguez hit a soft chopper behind the mound that 2B Burgamy charged, but it bounced off his wrist as he tried to rush the play. S4/G4MS
3)   Naquin hit a medium grounder up the middle that Burgamy was able to make a diving stop on and flip to 2B for the force out. 46/G4M
*Naquin was thrown out trying to steal 2B.
Totals: H, CS

6th inning


1)   Ceciliani struck out swinging on a curveball in the dirt.
2)   Burgamy hit a soft grounder towards the SS hole that Lindor backhanded. 63/G56
3)   Reynolds hit a line drive into left-center field that rolled to the wall and he motored around the bases to get into 3B just ahead of the throw. 3B8/L78
4)   Clark hit a fly ball out to LF that Myley nearly misjudged badly, but was able to retreat on just in time to make the catch. 7/F7
Totals: H, 3B, SO, LOB

Bottom (Substitution: T.J. Chism pitching for Binghamton)

1)   Lindor hit a hard grounder into the hole that Reynolds was able to make a nifty backhanded play on. 63/G56
2)   Urshela flied out to the wall in CF. 8/F8D
3)   LaHair hit a high popup to SS. 6/P6
Totals: 15 Pitches

7th inning

Top (Substitution: Enosil Tejeda pitching for Akron)

1)   Vaughn struck out looking at a 96 MPH fastball on the outside.
2)   Plawecki flied out to CF. 8/F8
3)   Boyd struck out looking on a fastball further outside than to Vaughn.
Totals: 2 SO


1)   Wendle hit a high fly ball near the LF line. 7/F7L
2)   Myles hit the first pitch right back at Chism. 13/G1
3)   Wolters hit a soft grounder over the mound that 2B Burgamy took a less than ideal route to get to and his throw to 1B would be a step too late. S4/G4MS
4)   Smith struck out swinging on an outside pitch – either a slider or a fastball.
Totals: H, SO, LOB

8th inning

Top (Substitution: Shawn Armstrong pitching for Akron)

1)   Lawley struck out looking at a big inside breaking ball.
2)   Taijeron struck out swinging at an inside, 92 MPH fastball.
3)   Ceciliani struck out swinging at a letter-high, 94 MPH fastball
Totals: 3 SO

Bottom (Substitution: Adam Kolarek pitching for Binghamton)

1)   Rodriguez hit a hard grounder that Lawley couldn’t handle – it deflected off his glove to the SS. E5/G5
2)   Naquin hit a grounder to Reynolds at SS that he couldn’t handle and would roll into LF. E6/G6
3)   Lindor hit a sac-bunt to 1B. 34/G3S
4)   Urshela was intentionally walked.
5)   LaHair lined a 2-RBI double to the RF corner. 2B9/L9LD
6)   Wendle grounded out to 2B. 43/G4M
7)   Myles got on base via a HBP.
(Substitution: Justin Toole running for Myles)
8)   Wolters lined an RBI single into LF. S7/L7L
9)   Smith grounded out back to the pitcher. 13/G1
Totals: 3 R, 2 H, BB, HBP, 2 E, 3 LOB

9th inning

Top (Substitution: Kyle Crockett pitching for Akron)

1)   Burgamy flied out to deep right-center field. 9/F89D
2)   Reynolds lined a single into LF. S7/L7
3)   Clark struck out looking.
4)   Vaughn struck out swinging.
Totals: H, 2 SO, LOB
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