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Monday, April 28, 2014

Mets Wilmer Flores to Undergo X-Rays in Las Vegas Monday

            Wilmer Flores was already having a rough start to the season before he hurt his hand Sunday and had to be removed from the game. Playing SS for the Las Vegas 51s this season (reports here: 1, 2, 3), Flores was hurt on a liner with 2 outs in the top of the 3rd inning, as he was removed following his at-bat in the bottom of the inning, and is expected to undergo X-Rays on his hand Monday (this is the likely play, trying to getting confirmation).
Tacoma DH Julio Morban hit a soft liner a few steps to the left of Flores, who stepped over for the easy catch about waist high. Unfortunately for Wilmer, he had his non-glove hand up to use both hands for the catch, and the ball appeared to also make contact with his unprotected hand. It’s hard to see that much detail with the one Vegas camera angle, but broadcaster Russ Langer was quick to mention the apparent deflection off his hand, and that Flores was looking down at his throwing hand as he ran in. It also appeared that 2B Anthony Seratelli was checking on Flores as they ran towards the dugout.
            Flores would come out to bat in the top of the 3rd and flied out a few steps in front of the RF warning track on the 10th pitch of the at-bat, after 6 foul balls. He wasn’t showing any obvious signs of discomfort during the at-bat, and put some decent wood on it, so hopefully that’s a good sign for the overall health of his hand, and a sign that he can still hit through the pain. Also, the Adam Rubin report mentions the injury is not expected to be serious, so that’s good.
            If his injury wasn’t on that play, it’s likely it was on the 'mess' at the 2B bag he was involved in during the 1st inning. With the bases loaded and nobody out, Andrew Brown hit a grounder to the 3B, who looked to start a double play. His throw would sail into RF, however, and the 2B, who jumped to try and catch the errant throw, would come down hard on a hard sliding Flores, who was going in hard to break up the double play. Flores would get up and run to 3B, where he slid in safely, feet first. He was then bending over, hands on the knees for the first couple of pitches to Dykstra, and the 3B coach would come over to check on him initially. If his injury happened on this play, then it would explain his poor throws in the top of the second, which led to a long inning for starting pitcher Logan Verrett. First, Flores made a wide throw while rushing to try and double up Endy Chavez, after he had stumbled slightly reaching out for the bag with his foot - most likely a bad throw just because he was off balance. Two batters later, he would be charged with an error on a low throw that Dykstra was unable to handled cleanly. On the play, Tacoma catcher Jesus Sucre hit a medium chopper towards Flores, who positioned himself to be in a good position for a quick throw to 1B, but did not need to rush the throw, which would skip to Dykstra in the dirt, but bounce out of his glove – basically the same thing that happened for his last error. If the injury came on this play, it would help explain the poor throws in the 2nd inning by Flores, but it seems the less likely play as of right now.
            I’ll be tweeting updates as I get them, so stay tuned to @Astromets31. Hoping Wilmer wakes up feeling fine, though I suppose deserts are known to have snakes...
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