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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

51s Bats Go Quiet as Eveland Pitches to Best Start Thus Far

Reno Aces @ Las Vegas 51s


Zeke Spruill @ Dana Eveland



Las Vegas


The Highlights:



Dana Eveland (L, 2-1) – 5.2 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 8 SO, 86 pitches, 58 strikes (67%), 23 batters faced, 5 groundouts. Infield single and a walk at the plate.

Erik Goeddel – 1 IP, 3 SO, 12 pitches, 9 strikes (75%), 3 batters faced


Well, Andrew Brown had a double…



             The Las Vegas 51s opened the final series of their season long home stand by sending LHP Dana Eveland to the mound against the Reno Aces RHP Zeke Spruill Monday night. Eveland was making his 3rd start since being put in the rotation to fill the absence left by the Mets call-up of Dice-K, having pitched 5 innings in a winning effort both starts – although he allowed 4 ER in his most recent start against El Paso, benefitting from a typical 51s scoring outburst. This was Spruill’s first start of the season, so he was to be limited to about 60-65 pitches, which turned into 3.1 strong innings pitched – he would only allow 3 hits and a walk against 4 strikeouts. Both starting pitchers pitched well enough to get a win, but the 51s offense couldn’t muster any run support for Dana Eveland, and Spruill did not get the requisite 5 innings pitched needed to earn the win – it was unlikely he would with such a low pitch count limit – in what was a 1-0 pitchers duel for most of the game (just like in Bingo). Reno would tack on a run in the 7th and 8th inning each, before handing the ball off to Jess Todd, who worked a 12 pitch, 1-2-3 inning for the save, which pushed Reno to 12-12 on the season.
            Dana Eveland had rolled the through first 5 batters, including 2 strikeouts, before missing with 4 straight to Andy Marte. This would come back to burn him right away, as the next hitter Bobby Wilson would line an RBI double into the right-center field gap, his 8th hit of the season to that point – he had been 7-41 coming in. He really settled in after that double though, getting the next 11 batters to either strike out or hit a ground ball. He found himself in an unlucky, one-out, bases-loaded situation in the 5th that could have proved critical, but got Nick Ahmed to line out to Campbell on the first pitch of the at-bat, who stepped on 2B for the double play. The bases became loaded on 2 infield singles and a lazy fly ball to LF that M∂D misjudged (perhaps due to the wind per the announcers) as it fell in front of him – runners advanced but had to hold up with the assumption he would make the catch. He had likely reached his pitch count limit when he was removed with 2 outs in the 6th, as he had just struck out the previous two batters, though Carlyle would come in to finish striking out the side anyway.
            Vic Black came in for the 8th, and showed why he isn’t yet with the ball club, but why he could be great someday. He got mostly weak contact, including on foul balls, but gave up two more walks (on 9 total pitches), and they came back to burn him for a run (unearned because Campbell was charged with an error on a foul ball near 1B that wasn’t caught).
            Another positive of note for the 51s was the appearance in the 9th by Erik Goeddel, his third clean inning performance so far, and the best one yet. He looked very good getting PH Didi Gregorius and CF Reno Inciarte swinging, before buckling the knees of Reno SS Nick Ahmed with a nasty curveball on the inside corner.
            The final positive notes involved two main players returning from injury: Juan Lagares continuing his rehab in Las Vegas all game, and Wilmer Flores pinch hitting in the 7th. For Wilmer, his X-Rays Monday came back negative, which was much more positive than the weak grounder he hit during his PA :P. For Lagares, he looked solid considering he’s been sitting for nearly two weeks, finishing 1-4 with a single, a strike out and all 9 innings played without further injury, the most important part.
            That said, where’s Puello at? Where’s the boy Wally? Where’s Puello? That’s all I wanna know. Where is Puello, huh? Wally, Wally, look at me, LOOK AT ME! WHY ISN’T PUELLO PLAYING DAILY? I don’t want this pantyhose wearing bunt-caller managing me. Ima get my own man, alright? So just get back in ya car and head back to sin city. That’s right, I made my decision. Where’s Puello at? Where is Puello? Where’s Puello Wally? Where is Peullo?
             Looking ahead to the rest of the series, Las Vegas will be featuring their big and exciting top 3 of Montero, Thor and ∂eGrom. Rafael Montero is scheduled to start opposite long-time ML veteran Randy Wolf at 10:05 PM ET. Montero is coming off his 3rd win of the season against the PCL’s toughest offense, having gone six innings, with six hits and two walks contributing to three runs (including a HR) against three strikeouts, a season low. One thing to keep an eye on is whether Montero gives up another HR, as he has allowed one in three straight starts, already approaching the four total he allowed in sixteen starts for the 51s last season. Wolf is coming off his best start of the season, a win for Reno in which Wolf gave up 1 run in 6 IP. It’ll be interesting to see what the 37 year-old vet has left in the tank, having not pitched in 2013 due to Tommy John surgery.

Play By Play


1st inning


1)   CF Reno Inciarte lined out to SS. 6/L6
2)   SS Nick Ahmed hit a sinking line drive that just stayed in the air long enough for M∂D to shoe string catch it. 7/L7
3)   RF Alfredo Marte struck out looking on a back-door slider.
Totals: SO


1)   CF JUAN LAGARES hit a medium chopper to 3B. 53/G5
2)   LF Matt ∂en Dekker struck out swinging at a belt-high fastball on the inside.
3)   2B Eric Campbell struck out swinging.
Totals:  2 SO

2nd inning


1)   LF Nick Evans hit a medium chopper down the 3B line that Lutz was able to backhand. 53/G5
2)   1B Mike Jacobs struck out swinging on a slider, down and away.
3)   3B Andy Marte walked on four pitches.
4)   C Bobby Wilson lined an RBI double into the right-center field gap. 2B9/L89
5)   2B Tyler Bortnick struck out swinging on a breaking ball

Totals: R, H, 2B, BB, 2 SO, 1 LOBster


1)   RF Andrew Brown doubled into the LF corner. 2B7/L7L
2)   1B Allan Dykstra struck out swinging, as he could not check his swing on a low fastball.
3)   3B Zach Lutz hit a medium grounder at the SS, who charged and threw to 3B to get Brown. 65/G6
4)   C Juan Centeno hit a slow grounder passed a diving Jacobs but handled by the 2B, who threw onto the pitcher at 1B. 41/G34
Totals:  H, 2B, SO, 1 LOBster

3rd inning


1)   P Zeke Spruill grounded out to 2B. 43/G4
2)   Inciarte struck out swinging on a high, 90 MPH fastball with a 1-2 count.
3)   Ahmed hit a slow 2-hopper to Lutz at the edge of the grass. 53/G5S
Totals: SO


1)   2B Danny Muno hit a high fly ball to shallow CF. 8/F78S
2)   P Dana Eveland hit a medium grounder up the middle that the 2B Bortnick backhanded. He did a spinning jump-and-throw, but his throw sailed passed 1B, and would have gone into the dugout if not for a hustling Reno C. S4/G4M
3)   LAGARES lined a single into CF. S8/L8S
4)   ∂en Dekker struck out swinging on a low slider.
5)   Campbell lined out to RF. 9/L9
Totals: 2 H, SO, 2 LOBsters

4th inning


1)   Marte hit a hard groundball single into LF. S7/G56D
2)   Evans hit a medium grounder near 2B that the SS Muno dropped on the transfer, forcing the 51s to settle for the force out at 2B. 64/G6M
3)   Jacobs struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
4)   Marte broke his bat on a groundball to 3B. 54/G5
Totals: H, SO, 1 LOBster


1)   Brown walked.
2)   Dykstra lined out to LF. 7/L7
(Substitution: Derek Eitel pitching for Reno)
3)   Lutz struck out swinging on a change-up – 3-pitch K.
4)   Centeno hit a soft grounder up the middle. 63/G6M
Totals: BB, SO, 1 LOBster

5th inning  


1)   Wilson hit a medium grounder towards the 2B hole that Campbell tried to corral with a slide but couldn’t come up with. S9/G34D
2)   Bortnick hit a slow, very high chopper behind the mound that was hit to slow for Muno to make the play. S6/G6MS
3)   Eitel struck out on a 2-strike bunt fouled back.
4)   Inciarte hit a high fly ball a few steps in front of the warning track that fell in front of M∂D. M∂D appeared to lose the ball and was unable to recover. Runners only advanced one base, assuming it would be caught. S7/F7D
5)   Ahmed hit a first pitch liner right at Campbell, who caught the ball in stride and stepped on 2B. 44/L4M
Totals: 3 H, SO, LIDP, 3 LOBsters


1)   Muno struck out swinging on a breaking ball – 3-pitch K.
2)   Eveland walked on a full count, never swung the bat.
3)   LAGARES struck out swinging on a breaking ball in the dirt – 3-pitch K.
4)   ∂en Dekker hit a medium grounder that deflected off the pitchers glove but was recovered by the SS. 164/G1
Totals: BB, 2 SO, 1 LOBster

6th inning


1)   Marte hit a bloop single into shallow right-center field. S8/F89S
2)   Evans struck out swinging on a pitch that would go for a passed ball, allowing Marte to advance to 2B.
3)   Jacobs struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
(Substitution: Buddy Carlyle pitching for Las Vegas)
4)   Marte struck out swinging on a high fastball.
Totals: H, 3 SO, 1 LOBster


1)   Campbell grounded out to the SS. 63/G6
2)   Brown hit a medium grounder up the middle. 43/G4M
3)   Dykstra hit a drive that was caught at the RF wall. 9/F9D
Totals: 15 pitches

7th inning


1)   Wilson grounded out to Muno. 63/G6
2)   Bortnick struck out swinging on a high fastball.
3)   PH Trent Oeltjen lined a HR over the 364 sign in RF.
4)   Inciarte walked.
*Inciarte stole 2B (6). Centeno’s throw sailed into CF, but was backed up.
*Inciarte stole 3B (7) off Carlyle.
5)   Ahmed flied out to the RF line. 9/F9LF

Totals: R, H, HR, BB, SO, 1 LOBster

Bottom (Substitution: Kevin Munson pitching for Reno)

1)   Lutz popped up to the mound. 3/P1
2)   Centeno hit a hard grounder up the middle for a single. S8/G4M
3)   Muno hit a medium chopper into RF for a single. S9/G34
(Substitution: Joe Paterson pitching for Reno)
4)   PH Flores hit a soft grounder behind the mound. 63/G6MS
(Substitution: Will Harris pitching for Reno)
5)   LAGARES hit a medium grounder at the SS. 63/G6
Totals: 2 H, 2 LOBsters

8th inning

Top (Substitution: Vic Black pitching for Las Vegas)

1)   Marte flied out to RF on the first pitch. 9/F9
2)   Evans walked on four pitches.
(Substitution: Aaron Cunningham running for Evans)
*Cunningham stole 2B on a breaking ball in the dirt.
3)   Jacobs lined a single into CF. S8/L8
4)   Marte walked on a 3-1 fastball inside.
5)   Wilson hit a soft grounder up the 1B line that Black handled and took to 1B himself. Cunningham scored. 1u/G3S
6)   Bortnick popped out to Muno. 6/P56D
Campbell was charged during for an error on a dropped foul ball during the inning, but I couldn’t see the play and the announcers credited the wind with making it a difficult popup.

Totals: R, H, 2 BB, E, 2 LOBsters


1)   ∂en Dekker grounded out to 2B. 43/G4
2)   Campbell grounded out to 2B. 43/G4
3)   Brown flied out to CF.
Totals: 14 pitches

9th inning

Top (Substitution: Erik Goeddel pitching for Las Vegas)

1)   PH Didi Gregorius struck out swinging.
2)   Inciarte struck out swinging.
3)   Ahmed struck out looking at an inside curveball.
Totals: 3 SO

Bottom (Substitution: Jess Todd pitching for Reno)

1)   Dykstra hit a soft grounder to the SS. 63/G6
2)   Lutz grounded out back to the pitcher. 13/G1
3)   Centeno hit a medium grounder to the SS. 63/G6
Totals: 12 pitches, 1 save
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