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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Astro's PbP, 51s beat Rainiers 9-4

May 12, 2014



Las Vegas


The Highlights:


Joel Carreno – 5.2 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 2 BB, 5 SO, HR, 72 pitches, 48 strikes (67%), 22 batters faced, 4 groundouts, 4 fly outs
Miguel Socolovich – 2.1 IP, 3 H, R, 4 SO, 31 pitches, 21 strikes (68%), 10 batters faced, 3 groundouts
Zack Thornton – IP, SO, 11 pitches, 7 strikes (64%), 3 batters faced, 2 groundouts


Omar Quintanilla – 2-4, 2 R, 2B (1), 3 RBI (3)
Josh Satin – 2-4, R, BB, 2 SO
Allan Dykstra – 1-5, R, HR (6), 3 RBI (35), 2 SO
Matt ∂en Dekker – 2-5, R, HR (2), RBI (20), OF Assist, PO
Cesar Puello – 2-3, 3 R, 2B (3), BB, heads up play to score from 3rd base on error
Chris Taylor – 3-4, R, 3B (5), RBI (21), SO, E (5, throw)

Play By Play

1st inning
1)   LF Xavier Avery doubled over the head of M∂D. D8/F8D
2)   SS Chris Taylor lined an RBI single into CF. S8/L8
3)   2B Nick Franklin hit a grounder at Satin to start the double play. 463/G4
4)   1B Jesus Montero flied out to CF.

Totals: R, 2 H, 2B, GIDP

1)   SS Omar Quintanilla flied out to CF. 8/F8
2)   2B Josh Satin walked. BB
3)   DH Allan Dykstra struck out looking. K/L
4)   RF Andrew Brown lined a single into CF – Satin to 3B. S8/L8
5)   1B Brandon Allen walked the bases loaded.
6)   3B Zach Lutz popped out behind 3B. 5/P5D
Totals:  H, 2 BB, SO, 3 LOBsters

2nd inning
1)   DH Ty Kelly launched a HR over the RF wall. HR/F9D
2)   C Humberto Quintero struck out swinging. K/Sw
3)   RF Jabari Blash hit a hard two-hopper at Lutz that he knocked down and recovered in time to record the out. 53/G5
4)   3B Leury Bonilla pulled a line drive into the LF corner for a double. D7/L7L
5)   CF Abraham Almonte struck out looking at an outside sinker. K/L

Totals: R, 2 H, 2B, HR, 2 SO, LOBster

1)   CF Matt ∂en Dekker launched a HR over the right-center field wall. HR/F89D
2)   C Taylor Teagarden flied out to right-center field. 9/F89
3)   LF Cesar Puello hit a hard one-hopper up the middle that was fielded by a diving Taylor at SS, but his throw sailed into the dugout allowing Puello to go to 2B. S6/G6M -> E6 (throw)
4)   Quintanilla lined one into the right-center field gap for an RBI single. S8/L89
5)   Satin grounded a single past Franklin. S9/G4
6)   Dykstra hit a high fly ball over the LF wall for a 3R HR. HR/F7D
7)   Brown popped out to the 1B in foul territory. 1/P1F
8)   Allen flied out a few steps in front of the RF warning track. 9/F9D

Totals: 5 R, 5 H, 2 HR, E

3rd inning
1)   Avery popped out to the SS. 6/P6
2)   Taylor struck out swinging at an off-speed pitch. K/Sw
3)   Franklin walked. BB
4)   Montero struck out swinging at a 90 MPH fastball on the outside corner – set up by back-to-back curveballs. K/Sw
Totals: BB, 2 SO, LOBster
1)   Lutz hit a hard grounder to the right of the 2B. 43/G4M
2)   ∂en Dekker popped out to shallow RF. 4/P9S
3)   Teagarden grounded the first pitch out up the middle. 43/G4M
Totals: 5 pitches
4th inning
1)   Kelly skied one out to the wall at the ‘Verizon’ sign in left-center field. 7/F7D
2)   Quintero hit a hard grounder back to the mound. 13/G1
3)   Blash lined a single into LF. S7/L56D
*Blash caught stealing.
Totals: H, CS
1)   Puello chopped one down the 1B line for a double. D9/G1
2)   Quintanilla hit a medium grounder right at the 2B – Puello to 3B. 43/G4
3)   Satin struck out swinging. K/Sw
4)   Dykstra flied out to the wall in CF – a 433 foot out. 8/F8D
Totals: H, 2B, SO, LOBster
5th inning  
1)   Bonilla flied out to shallow left-center field. 7/F78S
2)   Almonte struck out swinging at a breaking ball. K/Sw
3)   Avery grounded out to the 1B down the line. 13/G1
Totals: SO
1)   Brown grounded out back to the pitcher. 13/G1
2)   Allen struck out swinging. K/Sw
3)   Lutz popped a shallow fly down the 1B line that fell in for a single. S4/P3D
4)   ∂en Dekker pulled a hard grounder through the 2B hole for a single. S9/G34
5)   Teagarden struck out swinging at a high-and-tight fastball. K/Sw
Totals: 2 H, 2 SO, 2 LOBsters
6th inning
1)   Taylor lined a hanging breaking ball off the ‘COX’ sign on the left-center field wall. T8/L78D
2)   Franklin walked. BB
3)   Montero flied out to deep CF for a SF. Franklin thrown out at 2B. SF8/F8D -> OF Assist 84
(Substitution: Miguel Socolovich pitching for Las Vegas)
4)   Kelly grounds a medium 2-hopper at Satin. 43/G4

Totals: R, H, 3B, BB, SF

Bottom (Substitution: Lucas Luetge pitching for Tacoma)
1)   Puello grounded a medium roller at Franklin that was bobbled, and then Franklin made a throw up the 1B line that Montero could not handle. E4/G4
2)   Quintanilla laid down a nice sac bunt in front of the plate to advance Puello to 2B. 13/B1S
3)   Satin struck out swinging. K/Sw
4)   Dykstra hit a medium grounder at Franklin that was bobbled for his second error of the inning. After the error, Puello caught the Rainiers with their heads down and raced home, diving in head first to score the run. E4/G4 -> PUELLO!
5)   Brown couldn’t check his swing at a low breaking ball for a strikeout. K/Sw

Totals: R, 2 E, 2 SO, LOBster

7th inning
1)   Quintero lined a triple into right-center field. T9/L89
2)   Blash struck out swinging at a breaking ball. K/Sw
3)   Bonilla hit an RBI groundout up the middle that Satin made a nice backhanded play on. 43/G4M
4)   Almonte struck out.

Totals: R, H, 3B, 2 SO

Bottom (Substitution: Gabriel Noriega playing 2B for Tacoma)
1)   Allen pulled a hard grounder through the 2B hole for a single. S9/G34
2)   Lutz broke his bat on a flare to shallow LF. 6/P7S
3)   ∂en Dekker hit a one-hopper back to the mound for a fielder’s choice. FC16/G1
*∂en Dekker picked off by the catcher. PO23
Totals: H, PO
8th inning
1)   Avery hit a comebacker to the mound. 13/G1
2)   Taylor hit a hard grounder through the middle for a single. S8/G6M
3)   Noriega lined a single into LF. S7/L56D
4)   Montero struck out swinging at a low change-up. K/Sw
5)   Kelly struck out looking at a knee-high 90 MPH fastball on the outside corner. K/L
Totals: 2 H, 2 SO, 2 LOBsters
Bottom (Substitution: Stephen Pryor pitching for Tacoma)
1)   Teagarden walked.
2)   Puello walked.
3)   Quintanilla hit a 2-RBI double into left-center field to score both runners – Puello was two steps behind Teagarden at home plate. Quintanilla advanced to 3B when the throw got passed the catcher. D8/L78
4)   Satin hit a one-hopper down the 3B line that was fielded by Bonilla, but his throw could not be caught by the 1B, allowing the runner to score and Satin to advance to 2B. E5/G5
5)   Dykstra struck out swinging. K/Sw
6)   Brown struck out swinging at 94 MPH heat. K/Sw
7)   Allen walked.
*Passed ball on a high fastball allowed the runners to advance.
8)   Lutz walked on a full count.
(Substitution: Zach Miner pitching for Tacoma)
9)   ∂en Dekker grounded the first pitch towards the 2B hole, which was cut off by Montero. 31/G34

Totals: 3 R, H, 2B, 4 BB, E, 2 SO, 3 LOBster

9th inning
Top (Substitution: Zack Thornton pitching for Las Vegas)
1)   Quintero hit a medium chopper towards the 2B hole handled nicely by Allen. 31/G34
2)   Blash grounded the first pitch at Lutz. 53/G5
3)   Bonilla struck out swinging at a fastball.
Totals: SO

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