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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FLORESS With Another Bomb! Astro's PbP for 51s win over Bees on May 6, 2014

May 6, 2014


Las Vegas

Salt Lake


The 51s Highlights:
Goeddel – 1 IP, BB, SO, 21 pitches, 12 strikes, 4 batters faced, 1 groundout
Carreno – 2.1 IPm 3 H, 2 R (1 ER), 2 BB, 44 pitches, 32 strikes, 11 batters faced, 2 fly outs (Shouldn’t he be the pitcher of record, having finished the 5th?)
Edgin – 1 IP, 2 SO, 12 pitches, 10 strikes, 1 groundout
Black (S, 3) – 1 IP, 3 H, 20 pitches, 12 strikes, 5 batters faced, 1 groundout, 1 fly out

Campbell – 2-5, 2 R, SO
FloreSS – 2-4, 2 R, 4 RBI (23), 2B (4), HR (5), E (7, throw) – more details on the throwing error when I’ve seen the replay
Dykstra – 1-2, R, 2 RBI (26), HR (4), 2 BB
Centeno – 3-4, 2 R, RBI (9), HR (1)

Recap to come later.

Play By Play
(Camera angles were weird sometimes, hard to tell some locations)

1st inning
1)   3B Eric Campbell lined a single into RF. S9/L9
2)   LF Kirk Nieuwenhuis flied out to the CF warning track. 8/F8D
*Campbell advanced to 2B on a wild pitch that got behind the catcher.
3)   SS Wilmer Flores lined an RBI double into the left-center field gap. 2B7/L78
4)   DH Allan Dykstra launched a 2R BOMB over the scoreboard in RF.
5)   RF Andrew Brown pulled a liner to deep LF that was cut off by a leaping Matt Long at the warning track. 7/L7D
6)   1B Brandon Allen flied out to CF. 8/F8
Totals: 3 R, 3 H, 2B, HR
1)   CF J.B. Shuck flied out to left-center field. 8/F78
2)   2B Taylor Lindsey flied out to Kirk in LF. 7/F7
3)   1B Roberto Lopez lined out a couple of steps to the right of Flores. 6/L6
Totals:  13 pitches, 8 strikes
2nd inning
1)   CF Matt ∂en Dekker struck out swinging at a curveball in the dirt – tag was applied.
2)   2B Anthony Seratelli popped out to left-center field, where Matt Long made an excellent diving catch.
3)   C Juan Centeno golfed a HR over the RF wall – looked like it just got out.
4)   Campbell hit a two-hopper to the right of O’Malley. 63/G6
Totals: R, HR, SO
1)   RF Efren Navarro flied out to LF on the first pitch. 7/F7
2)   DH Brennan Boesch lined a double into the left-center field gap. 2B8/L78
3)   LF Matt Long popped out behind 2B. 4/P4D
4)   C Luis Martinez hit a 2R HR to RF.
5)   SS Shawn O’Malley grounded out up the middle, sounded like a nice play for Wilmer… 63/?
Totals: 2 R, 2 H, 2B, HR
3rd inning
1)   Nieuwenhuis pulled a grounder down to 1B. 3u/G3
2)   Flores got under a high pitch and hit it out to the right-center field warning track. 9/F89D
3)   Dykstra walked.
4)   Brown grounded out to 2B. 43/G4
Totals: BB, LOBster
1)   3B Jimmy Swift hit a hard grounder up the middle that Wilmer made a nice sliding stop to get to, but he had no play, and Seratelli kind of jumped between him and 1B. S6/G6M
2)   Shuck hit a one-hopper up the middle that Seratelli scooped to Wilmer to start a double play. 463/G4
3)   Lindsey hit a ground rule double off the warning track in the RF corner. G2B/9LD
4)   Lopez launched a HR to CF that got just over the ‘Zion’s Bank’ sign.
5)   Navarro hit a medium grounder at Seratelli. 43/G4
Totals: 2 R, 3 H, 2B, HR, GIDP
4th inning
1)   Allen struck out swinging.
2)   ∂en Dekker struck out swinging.
3)   Seratelli flared on behind the pitchers mound that O’Malley was able to make a nice diving catch on.
Totals: SO
Bottom (Rain Delay, over an hour)
            (Substitution: Erik Goeddel pitching for Las Vegas)
1)   Boesch struck out looking at a knee buckling, over hand curve – set him up with a lot of fastballs.
2)   Long popped out foul near the stands by 3B. 5/P5F
3)   Martinez walked on 5 pitches.
4)   O’Malley hit a grounder up the middle that deflected off the foot/ankle/leg of Goeddel and went to Allen at 1B. 13/G1
Totals: BB, SO, LOBster
5th inning  
Top  (Dustin Richardson pitching for Jarrett Grube)
1)   Centeno lined a single into CF. S8/L8
2)   Campbell grounded a single up the middle. S8/G6M
3)   Nieuwenhuis struck out swinging early at an 87 MPH fastball.
4)   Flores launched one into the berm beyond the LF wall.
5)   Dykstra took five pitches in a walk.
6)   Brown struck out looking at a 2-2 pitch – took all five pitches.
7)   Allen popped out to the SS. 6/P6M
Totals: 3 R, 3 H, HR, BB, 2 SO, LOBster
Bottom (Substitution: Joel Carreno pitching for Las Vegas)
1)   Swift lined a double into the left-center field gap. 2B7/L78
2)   Shuck lined an RBI double into the RF corner on a first pitch fastball. He got caught in a run down between 2B and 3B after the throw into the infield got away and his instincts incorrectly told him he could make it to 3B. 2B9/L9L -> 9814 (per gameday, didn’t see the relay man, just saw it rolling on the infield before he took off)
3)   Lindsey flied out to RF. 9/F9
4)   Lopez hit a high fly ball to RF. 9/F9
Totals: R, 2 H, 2 2B
6th inning
1)   ∂en Dekker struck out swinging at a high fastball.
2)   Seratelli walked on 5 pitches.
3)   Centeno grounded up the middle, handled by the SS near the bag to start a double play. 643/G6
Totals: BB, GIDP
1)   Navarro walked on a 3-2 breaking ball that just missed outside – Carreno stared in after, apparently disagreeing with the call.
2)   Boesch popped out to 3B – Campbell barely had to move. 5/P5
3)   Long popped out about 10 feet from home plate, down the 3B line. 5/P25
4)   Martinez popped out to Allen in foul ground. 3/P3F
Totals: BB, LOBster
7th inning
Top (Substitution: Jeremy Berg pitching for Utah)
1)   Campbell struck out swinging at a breaking ball.
2)   Nieuwenhuis hit a lazy fly ball out to RF. 9/F9
3)   Flores hit a grounder off the end of his bat to 2B. 43/G4
Totals: SO
1)   O’Malley lined a one-hopper into the SS hole that Flores flagged down with the back hand, but his throw was made quick but without much strength and didn’t appear to have a chance against the speed of O’Mally anyway. S6/G56
2)   Swift lined out to 2B. 4/L4
3)   Shuck walks on a full count after a long at-bat.
(Substitution: Zack Thornton pitching for Las Vegas)
4)   Lindsey hit a groundball at 1B Allen, who threw to 2B for one, but the throw got behind Thornton covering 1B (kind of awkwardly it appeared, my feed lagged during that play), allowing O’Malley to score. FC36/G3 -> E6
5)   Lopez flew out to CF. 8/F8
Totals: R, H, BB, E, LOBster
8th inning
Top (Substitution: Dane De La Rosa pitching for Uta)
1)   Dykstra grounded out to the 2B. 43/G4
2)   Brown struck out swinging at a high fastball.
3)   Allen flied out to LF. 7/F7
Totals: SO
Bottom (Substitution: Josh Edgin pitching for Las Vegas)
1)   Navarro hit a grounder at 3B. 53/G5
2)   Boesch struck out swinging at an outside slider – was nice.
3)   Long couldn’t check his swing striking out on a breaking ball that ended up bouncing.
Totals: 2 SO
9th inning
Top (Brandon Lyon pitching for Utah)
1)   ∂en Dekker struck out swinging.
2)   Seratelli grounded out to 1B. 3u/G3
3)   Centeno hit a grounder into the SS hole, backhanded by O’Malley. The throw came up short and then bounced up the arm of Lopez for an infield single.
4)   Campbell lined out near the 1B bag. 3/L3
Totals: H, SO, LOBster
Bottom (Substitution: Vic Black pitching for Las Vegas)
1)   Martinez hit a high 3-2 fastball sharply right at the 2B (Black hit 98 and 99 MPH). 43/G4
2)   O’Malley pulled a hard grounder to the right of Allen and was thinking double from start – second time he ‘stole’ a base, makes sense why Wilmer was rushing his throw so much earlier. 2B9/G34
*On a 1-2 pitch, O’Malley was caught stealing thanks to a great Centeno throw.
3)   Swift grounded a single up the middle. S8/GM
4)   Shuck grounded a single through the 2B hole. S9/G34
5)   Navarro flied out to CF.
Totals: 3 H, 2B, CS, 2 LOBsters, Save

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