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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thor Proves To Be The Mightiest Avenger of All!

Reno Aces @ Las Vegas 51s

April 30, 2014

Lucas Harrell @ Noah Syndergaard (THOR)



Las Vegas


The Highlights:


THOR (W, 4-2) – 7 IP, 4 H, R, 2 BB, 7 SO, 96 pitches, 68 strikes (71%), 26 batters faced, 7 ground outs, 5 fly outs

Thornton – 2 IP, 2 H, 3 SO, 34 pitches, 24 strikes, 8 batters faced, 1 groundout, 1 fly out



Lutz – 2-4, R, RBI (19), 2B, BB

Flores – 1-1, RBI (14), pinch-hit single with the bases loaded in the 7th


            The 51s looked to top Mets prospect Noah Syndergaard to stop a season-high three game losing streak Wednesday night opposite Lucas Harrell of the Reno Aces in the third game of their series, and he more than rose to the occasion. Syndergaard was coming off a nice win against Tacoma last week, whereas Harrell was making his first AAA start of the season, after three not so successful starts for the Diamondbacks in April. Harrell limited the damage against him to one run thanks to some nasty stuff, which led to 7 strikeouts, but he didn’t always know where it was going, as he also had 6 walks in his 4 innings of work. Syndergaard was the star of the show, as he had his best performance of the season, matching his longest career outing as he lead the 51s to their 19th win of season – they finish April at 19-8, with a 4.5 game division lead.
The biggest problem for Thor coming in had been preventing the leadoff batter from getting on base, as he had allowed 8 hits (including two doubles and a HR) and 5 walks to lead off hitters in his 25 opportunities (.400/.520/.650). Well, he allowed the leadoff man to reach base 3 out of 7 times tonight, but was good enough to not get seriously burned. A quick recap of Thor’s start, inning-by-inning:

1st inning – Sitting 98 MPH with his fastball, he got two fly outs and a grounder up the middle for a single, which was erased thanks to an Alfredo Marte base running gaffe.
2nd inning – Gave up a lead off single to Mike Jacobs on a hard-hit grounder off the glove of 2B Eric Campbell. Jacobs would be erased with a double play, however, as Thor induced routine grounders from the next two batters. Still hitting 98 MPH.
3rd inning – A couple of fielding mistakes by Thor led to an unearned run scoring despite the ball not leaving the infield. He did not cover the 1B bag in time on a grounder that was handled by Dykstra too far from the bag to take it himself – the runner was Trent Oeltjen. He then threw the ball a bit too high to Dykstra on a weak chopper back to the mound, which allowed the pitcher to be safe at 1B. He’d recover from the error to get a weak groundout to 2B (which allowed the runner to score) and a strikeout on an 86 MPH change-up at the knees.
4th inning – Bounced back for a 7-pitch inning with two weak grounders sandwiching a fly out.
5th inning – Struck out the side swinging – still hitting 98 MPH.
6th inning – Had a couple of high pitch at-bats, but recovered from a 2-out single to strikeout Nick Evans swinging.
7th inning – Walked the leadoff batter on a close 3-2 pitch before getting Marte to fly out to RF. Then came the best part of the night – got Blake Lalli swinging on a 98 MPH fastball to make it 2-2 before ending it with a 99 MPH fastball down and in that Lalli was way late on. Went 99 MPH on multiple pitches to Tyler Bortnick before walking him on a 3-2 fastball that missed low. And this is how he ended his night: fastball (called) – fastball (foul) – curveball (foul) – 99 MPH fastball (foul) –curveball (swinging) to strike out Nick Ahmed.

            Wow, what a performance. He got better as the night went on – 6 of his strikeouts came after the 4th inning. After he left, former major leaguer and occasional broadcast partner for the 51s Jerry Reuss commented that Thor looked good enough to compete at the major league level, which, he said, is what should be most important to Mets fans at this point.
            Offensively, it looked as if the 51s would continue to struggle getting runners in, having stranded 9 runners on base through the first four innings. They left the bases loaded in the 3rd and 4th innings, though they were able to scratch out a run in the 3rd thanks to a wild pitch with the bases loaded. They were finally able to break through win a big inning in the 7th thanks to a very wild Eury De La Rosa (2 BB’s and a HBP) and a key error by Andy Marte. Zach Lutz, Wilmer Flores (pinch hitting) and Eric Campbell each had RBI singles in the inning.
            Flores did not get a start again Wednesday night, likely still feeling lingering effects from the hand injury. Cesar Puello also didn’t start, which reminds me of what I was saying the other day…
            Where’s Puello at? Where’s the boy Wally? Where’s Puello? That’s all I wanna know. Where is Puello, huh? Wally, Wally, look at me, LOOK AT ME! WHY ISN’T PUELLO PLAYING DAILY? I don’t want this pantyhose wearing bunt-caller managing me. Ima get my own man, alright? So just get back in ya car and head back to sin city. That’s right, I made my decision. Where’s Puello at? Where is Puello? Where’s Puello Wally? Where is Peullo?
            Looking ahead, the 51s will try to earn a split of the series Thursday night behind Jacob ∂eGrom at 10:05 PM ET, with ∂eGrom coming off a win in his last start against Tacoma. The Aces counter with Charles Brewer, who got roughed up for 6 runs over 4.2 innings in his last start.

Play By Play

1st inning
1)   2B Didi Gregorius flied out to the LF corner. 7/F7DL
2)   After falling behind 1-0 to RF Alfredo Marte, Thor threw back-to-back 98 MPH fastballs to make it 1-2, before giving up a soft roller up the middle for a single. S8/G6M
3)   LF Nick Evans flied out to center field. Lagares made the catch and threw to 1B to complete the double play, as Alfredo Marte had ran to 3B thinking it was a hit. 83/F8
Totals: H, DP, 7 pitches
1)   CF JUAN LAGARES grounded out to 3B. 53/G5
2)   2B Eric Campbell hit a liner that was caught by a diving Nick Ahmed in the SS hole.
3)   LF Brandon Allen grounded a medium single up the middle. S8/G4M
4)   RF Andrew Brown hit a medium grounder at the SS on the first pitch. 64/G6
Totals:  H, LOBster
2nd inning
1)   1B Mike Jacobs pulled a hard grounder past the shift into RF – it deflected off the glove of 2B Campbell. S9/G34
2)   3B Andy Marte hit a medium grounder right at Muno for an easy double play. 643/G6
3)   Thor threw a 98 MPH fastball strike at 1-1 and followed it with an 87 MPH change-up just low before C Blake Lalli grounded out at the SS. 63/G6
Totals: H, GIDP, 10 pitches
1)   1B Allen Dykstra walked on four pitches.
2)   3B Zach Lutz pulled a line drive down the 3B line that went into bullpen back there for a ground rule double. 2B7/G5DF
3)   C Juan Centeno struck out swinging on a ball in the dirt – Lalli completed the strikeout with a throw to 1B.
4)   SS Danny Muno turned to run down the line on a 3-2 pitch he though was out of the zone, but was called out on strikes instead.
5)   P Thor struck out swinging.
Totals:  2 H, 2B, 3 SO, 2 LOBsters
3rd inning
1)   CF Trent Oeltjen pulled a medium grounder down the 1B line that Dykstra was able to field, but Thor did not cover 1B. S3/G3
2)   SS Nick Ahmed hit a soft grounder at the 2B – only play was at 1B. 43/G4
3)   P Lucas Harrell hit a weak chopper half way towards the mound that was fielded by Thor with the glove, but his throw pulled Dykstra off the bag for an error. E1/G1S
4)   Gregorius hit a medium groundout to 2B. Oeltjen scored. 46/G4
5)   Thor threw his first two curveballs of the night at 0-1 for a strike and 0-2 in the dirt before eventually getting Marte to strike out swinging at an 86 MPH change-up at the ankles.
Totals: R, H, E, SO, LOBster, 17 pitches
1)   LAGARES lined a 0-2 breaking ball into CF for a single. S8/L8S
2)   Campbell walked on a 3-1 fastball that missed high.
3)   Allen pulled a change-up weakly towards 1B to advance the runners. 3u/G3S
4)   Brown walked on a 3-1 breaking ball that missed down and away.
*Wild pitch on 2-2 breaking ball in dirt. Lagares scores. Campbell goes to 3B.
5)   Dykstra couldn’t check his swing enough on a 3-2 pitch not close to the zone.
6)   Lutz walked on a 3-1 pitch that missed down and away.
7)   Centeno hit a grounder in the hole that Gregorius made a nice play on. 43/G34
Totals: R, H, 3 BB, 2 SO, 3 LOBsters
4th inning
1)   Evans hit a two-hopper at the SS. 63/G6
2)   Jacobs flied out to RF. 9/F9
3)   Marte hit a routine grounder to SS. 63/G6
Totals: 7 pitches
1)   Muno struck out swinging.
2)   Thor walked on a 3-2 breaking ball that missed low – pitch selection to the other pitcher?
3)   LAGARES slapped a single into RF. S9/L9S
4)   Campbell struck out swinging on a breaking ball.
5)   Allen walked on a 3-2 pitch outside.
6)   Brown struck out swinging – 3 pitches.
Totals: H, 2 BB, 2 SO, 3 LOBsters
5th inning  
1)   Thor got ahead 0-2 before eventually getting Lalli strike out swinging at 98 MPH heat. (Jerry Reuss was just talking about how Reno hitters are anticipating and making contact on his fastball)
2)   Oeltjen struck out swinging on a change-up – 3 pitches.
3)   Ahmed couldn’t check his swing for a strikeout.
Totals: 3 SO, 14 pitches
Bottom (Substitutions: Alex Sanabia pitching, Aaron Cunningham playing CF and batting 9th for Reno)
1)   Dykstra hit a medium grounder to the right of Jacobs. 31/G34
2)   Lutz popped out to shallow RF – Gregorius made a basket catch running away form the infield. 4/P9S
3)   Centeno struck out swinging.
Totals: SO
6th inning
1)   Cunningham flared out to CF. 9/F9S
2)   Gregorius popped out to LF. 7/F7L
3)   Marte hit a line drive single off the end of the bat into RF. S9/L9S
4)   Evans couldn’t check his swing on a high fastball.
Totals: H, SO, LOBster, 20 pitches
1)   Muno walked on a 3-2 pitch that missed low.
2)   Thor, up there looking to bunt, struck out on a 2-2 whiffed bunt attempt. He had fouled off his two previous bunt attempts.
3)   LAGARES got HBP (shoulder).
4)   Campbell hit a medium grounder at the SS. 643/G6
Totals: BB, HBP, GIDP, LOBster
7th inning
1)   Jacobs walked on a 97 MPH fastball – not sure where it missed.
*Passed ball on the first pitch, a ball not caught by Centeno
2)   Marte flied out to RF. 9/F9
3)   Thor hit 98 MPH to make it 2-2 before getting Lalli swinging at a 99 MPH fastball, down and in.
4)   PH Tyler Bortnick walked on a 3-2 fastball that missed low. Thor hit 99 MPH multiple times in this inning.
5)   Thor went fastball (called) – fastball (foul) – curveball (foul) – 99 MPH fastball (foul) –curveball (swinging) to strike out Nick Ahmed.
Totals: 2 BB, 2 SO, 2 LOBsters, 23 pitches
Bottom (Substitution: Eury De La Rosa pitching for Reno)
1)   Allen walked.
2)   Brown lined a single into LF. S7/L7
3)   Dykstra walked.
4)   Lutz blooped an RBI single into right-center field. S9/F89S
5)   Centeno slapped one towards 3B that went off the glove of Andy Marte and into LF for an error. Brown scored. E5/G5
6)   Muno got HBP. Dykstra scored.
(Substitution: Will Harris pitching for Reno)
7)   PH Flores lined an RBI single into CF on a hanging breaking ball. S8/L8
8)   LAGARES hit the 8th pitch of the at-bat weakly at the 3B, who threw home to start the double play. 523/G5
9)   Campbell hit a hard line drive that caromed high off the pitcher’s leg towards Marte near 3B, but Marte dropped the ball to allow an RBI single. S1/L1
10)         Allen popped out to Jacobs in foul territory. 1/P1F
Totals: 5 R, 4 H, 2 BB, HBP, E, 2 LOBsters
8th inning
Top (Substitution: Zack Thornton pitching for Las Vegas)
1)   Cunningham flared a pop out behind 2B. 4/P4D
2)   Gregorius pulled a medium chopper into RF. S9/G34
3)   Marte hit a soft chopper towards the SS hole that was cut off by Lutz, who threw onto 2B just in time for the out. 54/G56S
4)   Evans couldn’t check his swing on a strikeout.
Totals: H, SO, LOBster
1)   Brown walked.
2)   Dykstra got HBP (arm).
(Substitution: Anthony Seratelli pinch running for Dykstra, playing 2B)
3)   Lutz popped out to his counterpart. 5/P5
4)   Centeno struck out looking at a 0-2 breaking ball.
5)   Muno flied out to LF. 7/F7
Totals: BB, HBP, SO, 2 LOBsters
9th inning
1)   Jacobs lined a single passed a diving Muno into left-center field. S7/L6D
2)   Marte struck out swinging.
3)   Lalli flied out to CF – nice gliding catch by Lagares. 8/F78D
4)   PH Bobby Wilson struck out looking at a fastball on the outside corner.
Totals: H, 2 SO, LOBster
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