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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BMets Bullpen Struggles as Portland Clinches Season Series

Binghamton Mets @ Portland Sea Dogs

July 21, 2014





The Highlights:


Gabriel Ynoa (3.42 ERA) – 5.2 IP, 8 H, 3 R (2 ER), 3 SO, HBP, 108 Pitches (68 Strikes), 6 GO: 6 FO


Dilson Herrera – 1-4, 2B (10), RBI (25)
Brian Burgamy, 1-4, R, HR (18), RBI (58), SO
T.J. Rivera – 4-4, R
Brandon Nimmo – 1-3, R, HR (5), 2 RBI (15), BB, SO

Recap with gifs:

            The B-Mets starter Gabriel Ynoa wasn’t always at his sharpest throughout the start, but he was good enough to leave the team within striking distance when he left. The offense finally would come back to tie it up shortly after he left, taking him off the hook and leaving the game up to the bullpens. Unfortunately, the B-Mets bullpen gave the two-run lead back in both the 7th and 8th innings, and the Portland bullpen was able to hold on in the 9th. The win means that Portland has won the season series against Binhamton, and increased their division lead to 4.5 games (3rd place is 14 games back, and top two teams in each division go to playoffs). First place gets home field advantage in the five-game series first round, which means that they host games 3, 4 and 5 (as necessary).

            Offensively, the B-Mets were unable to mount much of an attack against Portland start Wilfredo Boscan. They broke through in the 5th when red-hot Dilson Herrera one-hopped the right-center field wall to drive in Xorge Carrillo from 1B.

Carillo slaps a one-out single to RF
Dilson Herrera one-hops the wall in right-center field

            T.J. Rivera was able to reach base in every at-bat Monday night, coming up with these four singles.

Grounded this infield single back up the middle in the second
Slapped this single to RF in the fourth
Looped this single into shallow left-center in the seventh
Lined this single just in front of the LF to lead off the ninth

            His third single came one pitch before Brandon Nimmo drilled this homerun off his stats on the big scoreboard in left-center field.

Nimmo's been showing that oppo power with the B-Mets
That's not necessarily where the ball hit, but the only time you can see it

            Brian Burgamy would add to his already impressive homerun total with a solo blast to RF in the 8th – there was no doubt about it off the bat.

Burgamy unloads on the blast to RF
The RF was pretending to make the catch, but the ball was actually just caught by that outstretched arm


1st inning – 12 pitches, 6 strikes
He started the game a little wild Monday night – his first pitch nearly hit the leadoff hitter Derrik Gibson – but worked around a leadoff single for a scoreless inning. The single was a hard hit line drive hit into LF, but Gibson was erased after misreading the play on a fly ball to RF hit by the next batter. He’d get a groundout to 3B to end the frame

2nd inning – 19 pitches, 13 strikes
            He lost an 11-pitch battle with Sean Coyle to lead off the inning – Coyle was making just enough contact to stay alive most pitches before blooping one in front of Nimmo in very shallow CF. Carrillo allowed a passed ball on the second pitch after the single, which allowed Coyle to advance to 2B with nobody out. He would stay stranded there though, as Ynoa induced a shallow fly out to CF, a groundout to 3B and a pop out to Herrera on the infield.

3rd inning – 14 pitches, 10 strikes
            The first three pitches of the third went horribly wrong for Ynoa – single to LF, HBP, and then a bunt single that led to a run scored when Burgamy threw the ball wide of 1B – runners ended up on 2B and 3B, Portland up 1-0. The B-Mets played the rest of the inning with the infield back, which was the safe play but may have cost them a run. The runners didn’t try to advance on the first out, a groundout right at the 1B Burgamy, but they were able to advance easily on a weak groundout at the SS Rivera, whose only play was at 1B. A lazy fly ball to CF ended the threat for the Sea Dogs, with the home team up 2-0.

4th inning – 22 pitches, 14 strikes
            The leadoff hitter would reach against Ynoa for the fourth straight inning thanks to a throwing error from 3B Dustin Lawley. David Chester had chopped one to the backhand of Lawley, who fielded it cleanly, in a good position to throw, and with plenty of time to make the throw, but then airmailed it high and wide of 1B. Ynoa then picked up his first strikeout of the night for the first out of the inning – Wilkerson couldn’t check his swing on an inside fastball. After a fly out to CF, Ynoa ended the inning with his second strikeout, getting Heiker Meneses with a 3-2 slider after a long battle.

5th inning – 27 pitches, 18 strikes
            Ynoa nearly had the leadoff runner standing at 1B thanks to an E5 for the second straight inning, as Lawley bobbled a sharp grounder while playing on the grass at 3B, but he’d recover and make a strong throw to 1B to record the out. Gibson would follow with his third hit of the night against Ynoa, grounding a slider back up the middle for a single. Ynoa threw a 91 MPH fastball up that Blake Swihart couldn’t catch up to, and the next pitch was at 93 MPH with the same result. Unfortunately, Swihart won the battle, pulling a grounder through the 2B hole for a single, which allowed Gibson to go to 3B. Ynoa would get his third strikeout of the night with a high, inside slider that Lavarnway foul tipped into the mitt of Carrillo. Coyle followed with a chopper up the middle that was flagged down by a leaping T.J. Rivera, but his toss to 2B had little ‘oomph’ behind it, and everybody was safe – Portland leading 3-1. The inning ended with a pop out to Burgamy in foul territory.

6th inning – 14 pitches, 7 strikes
            Ynoa came out for the 6th despite already having thrown 94 pitches – I guess the Mets aren’t afraid of stretching out Ynoa a little by this part of the season. They probably want him to build up his strength some, as he had lost some life on his pitches by the end of the 6th. The inning started with a fly out to CF, the deepest fly ball allowed by Ynoa to that point. The next batter ripped a single into LF on a fastball, making some of the hardest contact to that point. The announcers noted that he was hitting 88 MPH with the fastball to Meneses, who would be his last batter of the night – he had been sitting 92-94 MPH throughout most of the night. Meneses hit the ball to deep right-center field, but Kyle Johnson made the play look pretty easy – on that note, an outfield alignment of Ceciliani-Nimmo-Johnson is going to cover a lot of ground.

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