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Friday, July 25, 2014

Matz and the Metz Salvage a Win in Portland

Binghamton Mets @ Portland Sea Dogs

July 23, 2014

Steven Matz @ Mike Augliera




W: Matz (4-1, 2.75 ERA); L: Augliera (4-9, 5.38 ERA); Save: Satterwhite (9, 1.42 ERA) Boxscore

The Highlights:


Steven Matz – 7 IP, 7 H, 2 R, BB, 4 SO, HR, 96 Pitches (67 Strikes), 8 GO: 4 FO
Randy Fontanez (H, 5, 3.78 ERA) – 1 IP, H, 2 SO
Cody Satterwhite – 1 IP, 2 SO, GO


Dilson Herrera – 2-5, R, SB (6), 2 SO
Brian Burgamy – 4-5, R, 2 2B (21)
Travis Taijeron – 1-3, 2B (25), RBI (48), BB, 2 SO
T.J. Rivera – 1-3, R, 2B (4), RBI (8), SF
Rylan Sandoval – 1-4, R, HR (1), RBI (11), SO


            Steven Matz was very sharp Wednesday night, helping the BMets to salvage a game against the only team with a better record in the Eastern Division of the Eastern League. Facing the toughest lineup in the EL, Matz looked in control throughout the start, requiring 15 or fewer pitches in every inning except the 4th, when he got out of a 2-outs, bases loaded jam to hold onto a tight 2-1 lead. The Mets would connect on three straight hits in the 5th, giving Matz and the Mets bullpen all the extra support they would need. Randy Fontanez and Cody Satterwhite were very sharp over the last two innings, allowing only one Portland baserunner. Offensively, Dilson and Burgamy continued their red-hot hitting, while Taijeron and Rivera continued their merely hot hitting. Rylan Sandoval would hit his first homerun of the year, as he got a rare start at 3B.


Table 1 - Pitch count by inning 
Total (Strikes)
7 (6)
13 (10)
9 (6)
27 (16)
12 (8)
13 (11)
15 (10)
96 (67)

The one time they zoomed in on his windup

1st inning (Gameday count is off)

            It was one pitch, one out for Matz in the first, as he got leadoff hitter Derrik Gibson to pop out to RF on a fastball. Started Blake Swihart off with a couple of fastballs – Swihart took the first pitch and then fouled off a 95 MPH Fastball up (per the announcer). After missing to make it 1-2, he came back with a 94 MPH Fastball that was fouled back. Swihart made solid contact on his fly out, but Ceciliani was waiting on it to come down. Ryan Lavarnway then hit a weak groundout to Dilson on the first pitch of his at bat.

2nd inning 

            After taking the first pitch for a strike, Sean Coyle crushed the next pitch beyond the scoreboard in CF – he left it middle-middle. Michael Almanzar made solid contact on his fly out to CF too, sending Ceciliani about 10 feet from the warning track – he was leaving his stuff up to this point. After BMets catcher Kai Gronauer came out for a visit, Matz started David Chester off with a couple of change-ups before painting the outside corner at 95 MPH to get ahead 1-2. Matz then jammed Chester inside, causing him to pop out to Boyd at the edge of the grass. He got Jon Roof to hit a weak groundout to Rivera for the third out of the inning.

3rd inning 

            Matz got Shannon Wilkerson to pop out to first on a 1-1 splitter for the first out. Ryan Dent smacked the first pitch he saw, a 92 MPH Fastball up, to RF for an out. He got ahead of Gibson 0-2 before throwing a few waste pitches, including his first curveball, which was high and made it 2-2. He threw a straight change on 2-2 that fooled Gibson, as he swung too early, giving Matz his first strikeout of the night to end the inning.

4th inning 

            Matz had thrown a first-pitch strike to 8/10 batters coming into the 4th, but threw a first-pitch ball to the first three batters of the 4th. Leading off the inning was Swihart, who fouled off a 1-0 fastball before taking a curveball low to get in the hitter’s count of 2-1. Matz fooled him by coming back with a high curveball that Swihart couldn’t hold up on. Unfortunately for Matz, he made contact and lined the ball into the RF corner for a double. He missed with a 94 MPH Fastball in to Lavarnway, but evened the count with a change-up on the outside corner at the knees. Matz broke a curve into the zone to get ahead 1-2, but missed in with the 93 MPH heat, brushing Lavarway back a little. The at-bat ended with an inside fastball at 94 MPH that Lavarnway chopped to 3B – Matz was quick to run and cover 3B. Matz fell behind 3-0 to Coyle, missing with two curveballs and a change-up. He challenged Coyle with a 3-0 fastball that was fouled off, but then bounced a change-up to walk him. Almanzar would foul the first pitch fastball back and off of Gronauer, who would need a minute to recover but stayed in the game. Matz came back with a high 92 MPH Fastball that was fouled off. Almanzar barely stayed alive on an 0-2 curveball, getting just enough contact to foul it off his feet. After missing with a high fastball, Matz had Almanzar out in front on a curveball, but Almanzar was able to chop it towards the SS hole for an infield single – Sandoval cut the ball off but his throw was a step too late. After Chester fouled the first pitch back (another one that hit Gronauer), Matz painted the corner with a fastball and then got Chester to swing through a curveball. Matz fell behind Roof 1-0 (curveball missed low) and 2-1 (change-up missed outside), but evened the count with a fastball both times. He put an end to his longest inning of the night by getting Roof to swing through a curveball for his third strikeout of the night.

5th inning 

            Matz fell behind Wilkerson 3-0 before allowing a sharply hit single to RF on a 3-1 fastball. Dent hit a hard bunt up the 1B line that was fielded by Boyd, who applied to tag to record the out. Matz dropped a couple of curveballs in on Gibson, getting him to pop out to RF on the second. After missing with a first-pitch curveball to Swihart, Matz threw two straight fastballs to get ahead 1-2. Swihart then popped the 1-2 splitter to Dilson at the edge of the outfield grass to end the inning.

6th inning

            Matz threw two fastballs to Lavarnway leading off the inning, and Lavarnway lined the second one (at 93 MPH) over Dilson’s head for a single. He started Coyle off with a change-up that he flailed at, before getting him to groundout weakly to 3B. Almanzar looped a 1-0 curveball at 83 MPH into LF – Matz appeared annoyed that Nimmo didn’t make much of an attempt at the fly ball. Chester hit a first-pitch change-up that Matz left up into CF for an RBI single, making it a 4-2 game. He missed with a first-pitch fastball at 93 MPH to Roof, but threw three straight strikes to set him down swinging – 94 MPH Fastball fouled back, and then swinging strikes and back-to-back change-ups. Matz got Wilkerson to pop out to end the inning – started him off with a change-up on the outside corner before coming back with a 93 MPH Fastball on the inside corner.

7th inning 

            Matz got all three batters in the 7th to hit grounders to Rivera, finishing his night on a high note. His fastball was still sitting at 94 MPH throughout the inning.

Dilson Herrera

Herrera got a rally started with this single
He was safe stealing 2B, but needed a few minutes to recover after that collision

Brian Burgamy

Burgamy one-hopped the wall for this double

Burgamy nearly went yard but settled for a single

He'd rip this single into RF
Burgamy sent this double into the gap

Travis Taijeron

Taijeron picks up the RBI double

T.J. Rivera

T.J. one-hopped the wall for this double

Jayce Boyd

Boyd gave the Mets a lead with a single passed the drawn in infield

Rylan Sandoval

Sandoval answered a HR with a HR to tie the game

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