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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Previewing the Minors Mets Coverage in 2015

            For those of you who are familiar with Astromets Mind, you know that I love watching the minor league Mets on, and most of my coverage here in 2014 was about what I saw through that wonderful subscription. In case you were considering getting a subscription to, here’s what will be available to you in 2015. One thing I should note about my coverage for this upcoming season is that I won’t be trying to offer pitch-by-pitch coverage, as I felt I was not good enough at identifying pitches without velocities in 2014. If you're interested, there will be 249 Mets affiliate games available with this season, making the subscription more than worth in my opinion.

UPDATE: It appears that the B-Mets are participating in coverage at home this season!

Las Vegas 51s

            All 144 51s games are available on, although they have the worst home TV coverage of any minor league team I’ve seen. As expected, coverage as a whole is not near what you get with MLB coverage, as there are no pitch velocities shown, and rarely even a score bug, but Las Vegas makes those other feeds look amazing. For those 72 home games, you’ll be stuck watching the games from an awkward angle behind home plate. This would be more acceptable if you could see the whole field, but right field is not within the camera angle. The one redeeming factor of the home field angle is the view of the scoreboard in LF, which, with some strain, will provide you with a pitcher’s velocity throughout the game. If I do offer pitch-by-pitch coverage this season, it will only be on home games for the 51s thanks to this feature. On the plus side, the 51s have one of the best announcers in the business in Russ Langer, although he’s technically just the team’s radio announcer being played alongside the stream. If you’re fine just listening to the radio stream, you can listen to all of the games for free on TuneIn radio.

This is still better than nothing, right?

Binghamton Mets

            The B-Mets unfortunately do not offer home coverage – the 51s are the only Mets affiliate who do – but there are several teams in the Eastern League that do, and so you can usually get at least a week of coverage per month. There will be 61 BMets games covered in total. The month-by-month coverage breaks down as follows:

April: 14 games. In Akron and then Erie from the 9th - 15th, and then in New Hampshire and Portland from the 23rd – 29th.
May: 9 games. In Akron from the 8th – 10th, then Harrisburg from the 19th-21st, and then in Altoona from the 29th - 31st.
June: 11 games. In Portland and then New Hampshire from the 16th – 22nd, and then in Akron and Erie from the 27th – 30th.
July: 14 games. In Erie from the 1st – 3rd, then Portland from the 10th – 13th, and then in New Britain and Trenton from the 20th – 26th.
August: 10 games. In Altoona and New Britain from the 11th – 16th, in New Hampshire from the 21st – 23rd, and then in Reading on the 31st.
September: 3 games. Concluding the series in Reading from the 1st – 3rd.

            The BMets get great radio coverage from Tim Heiman and, just like the 51s, play that coverage over the TV stream when available, or you can listen to it for free on TuneIn radio.

St. Lucie Mets

            Unfortunately, no team in the Florida State League offers any TV coverage yet, so you’re limited to radio coverage from ‘Adam Mac’. On the plus side, Adam is another great radio announcer, so it’s definitely worth listening to St. Lucie games if you want more Mets minor league coverage.

Savannah Sand Gnats

            The SAL offers several chances to watch the Sand Gnats while they are on the road, with about two series per month except in June, and 35 games total. On the downside, I had trouble accessing the home radio station with TuneIn for much of the 2014 season. The month-by-month coverage breaks down as follows:

April: 7 games. In Rome from the 13th – 15th, and then in Charleston from the 23rd – 26th.
May: 7 games. In Greenville from the 6th – 8th, and then in Rome from the 21st – 24th.
June: 0 games offered in June, which is often a transition month for the team anyway.
July: 9 games. In Greenville and then Lexington from the 4th – 12th.
August: 7 games. In Rome and then Charleston from the 3rd – 9th.
September: 5 games. In Greenville from the 3rd – 7th.

Brooklyn Cyclones

            There are two teams that offer coverage in the NYPL – the Aberdeen IronBirds (Orioles) and the Staten Island Yankees – although the coverage is generally not that great, and SNY tends to cover a few of the Cyclones home games. The Yankees coverage is decent when they have someone at the camera, but if not, you’re stuck with a 3B-side view of the batters box. The month-by-month coverage breaks down as follows:

June: 2 games. In Staten Island on the 19th and the 21st.
July: 2 games. In Staten Island on the 15th and the 17th.
August: 5 games. In Staten Island on the 9th and the 10th, and then in Aberdeen on the 21st – 23rd.

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