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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Collection of Cory Mazzoni gifs from 2014

Image from MacksMets

Cory Mazzoni has had health problems and the label as a future relief pitcher for a few years now, but he’s also been a strong starting pitcher when able to get out to the mound. Check out the following 26 gifs of Mazzoni pitching (plus one of him at the plate) to get an idea of his stuff. Mazzoni features a consistently above average 93-95 MPH fastball and mid-80’s slider, and an inconsistent splitter that is filthy when Mazzoni has the touch for it. It was arguably his strongest pitch down the stretch with Las Vegas, when he managed 7+ strikeouts in 4 of his last 5 starts, improving his K: BB rates to 27.1 K%: 1.5 BB%.
Although the Mets may still move him to the pen to use his talented arm in the majors, there were multiple Fangraphs authors who wrote they didn’t think it was necessary this winter. I think he can start so long as he has that splitter working like he did down the stretch, because the other pitches play up when it’s on. If the splitter is working early, he’s the pitching prospect with the best chance to have a deGrom-like, out-of-nowhere run of starting success in the majors – although, he’ll have to steal his chance like deGrom did, and I’m not trying to suggest he’ll make a run for ROY. If he doesn’t get a starting opportunity, don’t be surprised to see the Mets using him in their pen by the end of 2015, as that 3-pitch mix should be very good out there too.  

Pederson looking

Pederson swinging

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