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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Collection of Daniel Muno, Kevin Plawecki and Cory Vaughn gifs from 2014

Plaw and Muno wait for a new pitcher on the mound with Wilmer, Reynolds, Backman, and (former 51s 1B) Dykstra

This collection of 29 total gifs features 3 guys who finished the 2014 season with Las Vegas: 12 of Daniel Muno, 10 of Kevin Plawecki and 7 of Cory Vaughn.

Daniel Muno

            Muno is a switch-hitting utility infield prospect who we’ll probably see manning a bench spot for the Mets in the not too distant future. He’s fast, although he hasn’t turned his speed into high stolen base totals or efficiency in the minors yet, and he can play anywhere in the infield – he’s more than just an emergency shortstop. He hits more and for more power from the left side throughout his minor league career, but he managed a more contact oriented approach from the right side with Las Vegas, which kept his OPS as a righty average.

6/28 – Single, Single, Single (Source)

7/4-7/6 – Homerun (Source)

7/7-7/10 – Double, Single (Source)

7/21 – Double, Homerun (Source)

7/22 – Single, Single (Source)

7/23 – Double (Source)

9/1 – Single (Source)

Kevin Plawecki

            The Plaw is easily the biggest name of the group, but I didn’t make enough gifs of him last season to justify getting his own post. I’ll be working to rectify that with more gifs early in the 2015 season, and hopefully Plaw will be showing off more of his power in his first full season with Las Vegas. I won’t be surprised if the Mets call him up to improve the backup catcher’s role later in the season, but I think he’s better off playing everyday for now. I have one question for if the Mets try to use d’Arnaud and Plawecki as catchers who get extra PA’s elsewhere – do you need a 3-catcher rotation if d’Arnaud is catching while Plawecki plays 1B against a lefty?

6/11 – Single (Source)

7/4-7/6 – Single, Single

7/7-7/10 – Single, Double

8/12 – Single, Single (Source)

8/16 – Double (Source)

8/18 – Single, Single

Cory Vaughn

            Vaughn’s prospect status has fallen so much that he’s more of an afterthought in the Mets stacked farm, but he did still beat up on lefties in 2014 – .270/.359/.468 over 145 PA with 6 of his 10 homeruns – and occasionally showed off some impressive power.

6/11 – Double (Source)

7/7-7/10 – Double, Homerun

8/12 – Triple, Homerun

8/16 – Double

8/29 – Single (Source)

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