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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Collection of Darrell Ceciliani, Travis Taijeron, Kyle Johnson, Jayce Boyd, and Dustin Lawley gifs from 2014

Taijeron and Boyd dig in for Binghamton last season

This group consists of prospects that spent 2014 with Binghamton and have a ‘most likely outcome’ as bench/depth players. There are 71 total gifs: 8 of Darrell Ceciliani, 19 of Travis Taijeron, 15 of Kyle Johnson, 16 of Jayce Boyd, and 13 of Dustin Lawley.

Darrell Ceciliani

            Ceciliani spent his 2nd straight season with Binghamton and finished the season strong, hitting to a .806 OPS over his last 231 PA. He’s fast and plays a strong center field, but he can’t always get away with how shallow he plays out there, and doesn’t take advantage of his speed on the basepaths enough yet (only 16/23 on stolen bases last year).

6/29 – Single, Single (Source)

7/13 – Double (Source)

7/14 – Homerun, Homerun (Source)

8/16 – Single (Source)

8/20 – Single, Single (Source)

Travis Taijeron

            Taijeron has good power (45 XBH over 330 AB in 2014, including 15 homeruns), can take a walk (12.4 BB% last year), and plays good defense in RF. The only problem is that he strikes out too much – 27.6 K% for the season. He finished the season with a long red-hot streak, hitting to a 163 wRC+ over his final 240 PA, with a .266 ISO.

6/11 – Homerun (Source)

6/12 – Double (Source)

6/29 – Double, Double

7/1 – Double (Source)

7/12 – Single (Source)

7/14 – Single

7/23 - Double (Source)

7/24 - Single, Single (Source)

8/10 - Double (Source)

8/20 – Triple

Kyle Johnson

            Johnson had a strong 1st half with Binghamton, but lost playing time down the stretch after the promotion of Brandon Nimmo. Still, he can man all 3 OF spots capably, has good speed and a strong OF arm, and had an average-ish 19.3 K%, with a better than average 10.1 BB% last year. Like Ceciliani, he could benefit some by maximizing his speed with more efficient and higher stolen base numbers – Johnson went from 44/55 on stolen bases in 2013 to 12/21 in 2014.

6/11 – Double, Single

6/12 – Double, Single

6/27 – Single, Double, Triple (Source)

6/28 – Single, Single (Source)

7/13 – Double

7/14 – Single, Single

7/22 – Double

8/16 – Single

8/17 – Double (Source)

Jayce Boyd

            There are two big questions Boyd, will his weird injury let him play 1B well enough, and will it let him hit with enough power to play 1B at the highest level? He answered the first question by having little trouble playing 73 games at 1B with Binghamton in 2014 – he would’ve played more if not for a full infield squad and a DH spot commonly available in the lineup. He didn’t answer the second question as strongly, but he did finish the year with a .164 ISO over his final 218 PA, including 5 homeruns over that span, and a 160 wRC+. Even though he doesn’t yet provide as much homerun power as expected from a first baseman, Boyd’s advanced plate discipline (14 K%: 10.9 BB% for the season, 11 K%: 12.8 BB% over the final 218 PA) allows him to be a high average/high on-base hitter, so he might have a strong future in this system after all.

6/12 – Single

6/27 - Single

6/29 – Single, Single, Single

6/30 – Single (Source)

7/1 – Triple

7/12 – Homerun

7/14 – Double

7/23 – Single

7/25 – Homerun (Source)

8/16 – Single

8/18 – Homerun, Single, Single

8/20 – Single

Dustin Lawley

            Lawley has some serious in-game power – 50 XBH in his 487 PA with Bingo last year, back-to-back 20+ homerun seasons in the minors – but his long swing leads to a high K% that limits his offensive potential. Perhaps he can rework his swing like Matt den Dekker did, but that’s not a guarantee to work and would take awhile to master. Plus, his good power with the ability to play all four corners might play up on a major league bench some day.

6/12 – Double

6/27 - Homerun

6/30 – Single, Double, Homerun

7/1 – Homerun, Homerun

7/12 – Single

7/13 – Single

7/25 – Single

8/16 – Double

8/20 – Triple, Double

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