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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Collection of John Gant, Robert Gsellman, Logan Taylor, and Robert Whalen gifs from 2014

The final 4 posts in the gif collection series will be group collections, as there aren’t as many gifs for each individual. This group of Savannah righties with big curves has 49 total gifs: 8 of John Gant, 11 of Robert Gsellman, 18 of Logan Taylor, and 12 of Robert Whalen.

John Gant

            Gant continued to impress as a starter in his first complete year in full season ball, and he finished the season strong with his best month coming in August. Although his L/R OPS splits weren’t very different, Gant had much better strikeout rates against lefties – 29.6 K%: 7.5 BB% vs. L, 16.5 K%: 8.1 BB% vs. R. He went at least 5 IP in 19 of his 21 starts, and at least 7 IP nine times. He also had 10 strikeouts over 6.2 IP in his lone playoff start, a game Savannah would lose 2-1.

Wilson would fly out

Piloto swinging

Oliver would groundout

Franco would single

Oliver would groundout

Robert Gsellman

After playing in the three A-ball level leagues for the Mets in 2013 (12 starts with Brooklyn, 5 with Savannah, 2 with St. Lucie), Gsellman spent the entire 2014 season with Savannah and was a dominating force in the SAL, allowing only 2 homeruns (in back-to-back starts in June) over 116.1 IP. He already has a polished approach, and consistently has a few more MPH on his fastball than Gant, so he’s a strong candidate to force his way to Binghamton by midseason like Ynoa did last year.

Margot swinging

Guzman looking

Logan Taylor

            Taylor returned from his Tommy John Surgery midseason, and he showed a little rust while finishing the season in Savannah, as he allowed 7 homeruns over his 8 starts, which is 7 more homeruns than he gave up in 2012-13. He allowed 1 or less walks in 5 of 8 starts, but 3+ in the other 3, and his K% dropped from 28% in his seven 2013 starts with Savannah to 19.6% in 2014. Still, he was showing good sink on his fastball and changeup, and generally had the big curve working for him. If it weren’t for his age (23), he’d likely be on most top-25 Mets prospect lists this offseason, but injuries are a part of the game you cannot control.

Oliver looking

Schrader would walk

Piloto swinging

Oliver looking again

Sanchez swinging

Lien would groundout

Robert Whalen

            It wasn’t good news that Whalen would miss so much time from what started as a small infection on his hand, but the Mets sent him to the AFL for valuable experience and to make up for lost time during the regular season. He was very dominant when on the mound for Savannah though, as he allowed 1 R or less in 6 of 11 appearances, and only as many as 3 ER in two. He wasn’t as strong against the top competition in the AFL, but he still did manage an average K%, suggesting his stuff will play against tougher competition.

Oliver would walk

Lien swinging

Franco would groundout

Lien looking

Schrader would groundout

McElroy would groundout

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