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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Collection of Matt Reynolds gifs from 2014

Image from Mets360

            Matt Reynolds has been standing out at Mets Spring Training this year, so I thought I’d collect all the Reynolds gifs I created in 2014 and put them into one page – there are 15 hits and two double plays started. I am linking to these so the page won't slow your computer down for a minute, and attaching a link to the game they came from if interested. If you want more on Reynolds, I gave my thoughts on his 2014 season and the role BABIP played in his stats here last October. I got a late start to gifing last year, but hopefully will have enough time to create more gifs this year.

6/27 - Single, Double (Source)

6/29 - Single (Source)

7/4-7/6 - Single, Double (Source)

7/7-7/10 - Single (Source)

7/22 - Single (Source)

8/12 - Single (Source)

8/17 - Single, Single (Source)

9/1 – Single (Source)

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