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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Collection of Mets Relief Prospects gifs from 2014

Will any of these guys be warming up in the Mets pen soon?

This final collection from 2014 is the biggest, 95 total gifs of some of the top relief arms in the system: 2 of Chase Bradford, 6 of Erik Goeddel, 30 of Darin Gorski, 4 of Zack Thornton, 8 of Randy Fontanez, 8 of Chase Huchingson, 3 of Jack Leathersich, 5 of Hansel Robles, 6 of Cody Satterwhite, 2 of Jon Velasquez, 16 of Dario Alvarez, and 5 of Akeel Morris.

Chase Bradford

            Bradford started 2014 with Binghamton, but finished as one of the most reliable arms in the Las Vegas pen. He did not allow a walk in his final 22 IP during the regular season, and struck out 29.8% of batters faced during that time. He did allow 4 homeruns during that span, and 6 total with Las Vegas, after allowing only 1 homerun over his 52 innings with Binghamton across 2013-14.

Erik Goeddel

            Goeddel finished the year with the Mets but should be back in the Las Vegas pen to start the year. His spot on the 40-man roster gives him a leg up on his competition for any bullpen spots that open up in Queens, and he has the stuff to be good in the pen, he just needs to show more consistency throughout 2015.

Fields swinging

Darin Gorski

            In retrospect, considering I had a big group of various upper level bullpen arms in my prospect series, I should’ve included Gorski among them, but I think his early exit from the 2014 season made me overlook him. Gorski has generally struck out more batters than scouts expect of the lefty, as he’s generally had similar rates against lefties and righties. The problem has long been homeruns, especially to righties, as his misses tend to end up over the wall. Even though he’s hit a wall as a starter at the upper levels, his high K-rates might prove useful in the pen.

6/29 – 6 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 8 SO, HR, 106 Pitches (69 Strikes), 2 GO: 5 FO

Peterson swinging on three pitches

Taylor swinging

Avery swinging

Almonte swinging again

Choi swinging again

Zack Thornton

            Thornton had a few rough patches in 2014, but he also showed a strong sinker, improving control throughout the season, and had a nice 24.6 K% with the 51s. All 5 homeruns allowed in 2014 were to righties, and he had pretty even L/R splits despite lefties having a much higher BABIP against him for the season.

8/18 – IP, H, SO, 2 GO

Chase Huchingson

            This sidearming lefty was wild when he came back from his suspension for a ‘drug of abuse’ in 2014, walking 13.1% of the batters he faced in his 29 innings of work. He still managed a solid 21.3 K%, but it was a step down from 23.9 K% he managed over 67 AA innings in 2013.

6/30 – IP, SO, 2 GO

Lemon swinging

Albernaz swinging

Jack Leathersich

            Leathersich continues to produce really good K-rates wherever he goes, but his walk rates have been too out of control at the highest level of the minors so far. Hopefully he won’t have to spend any more time in Binghamton this year.

Hansel Robles

            Robles excelled when moved to the pen for Binghamton near the end of the 2014 season, so hopefully he can rebuild his prospect status in this role full-time in 2015. His fastball was consistently 96-97 MPH in the bullpen, and still featured some nice arm-side run.

Cody Satterwhite

            Satterwhite’s career has been revived, now he just needs to repeat his 2014 performance with Las Vegas this year and get a major league chance while he still reaches the mid-to-upper 90’s with his heater.

8/15 – IP, H, BB, 3 SO

Dugan looking

Altherr swinging

Jon Velasquez

            Velasquez career was also rebooted with Binghamton in 2014, but he’s not a hard thrower like Satterwhite.

6/27 – 1.1 IP, H, 2 SO

Dario Alvarez

            After spending most of the season with Savannah, Alvarez finished it in Queens, and then had a stop in the AFL before starting his offseason.

8/18 – IP, H, 2 SO, GO

Green swinging

Akeel Morris

            Morris is such an interesting bullpen arm that the Mets protected him in the rule-5 draft despite having never pitched above A-ball. Hopefully Morris can move quickly through the minors this year, as the Mets will be wasting an option year while he does.

6/19 – IP, H

6/21 – IP, SO, BB

6/24 – IP, 3 SO

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