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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Collection of Steven Matz gifs from 2014

Image from Mets360

By now almost every Mets fan has heard of Long Island native Steven Matz, but not nearly as many have seen him pitch. While I’ve yet to seen him pitch live, I did catch four starts on MiLB.tv (and listened to a bunch more on the radio). Here I have compiled all 28 Matz pitching gifs posted at Astromets Mind during the 2014 season (plus one of him bunting and one great Nimmo catch). Matz features a plus fastball that ranges from 93-95 MPH (though has been clocked as high as 97 MPH), and a changeup and curveball that are rated average-to-above-average (depending on the source). He definitely spent more time working on the curveball in 2014, as he’d establish his fastball/curveball combo early, and while it’s not on the level of a Noah Syndergaard curveball, it’s a very strong pitch. Kiley McDaniels of Fangraphs has his changeup currently ahead of the curveball, but I’d say there pretty even.
I have previously done this for Cesar Puello here, Brandon Nimmo at the bottom here and Matt Reynolds here.

His windup was the only gifable shot from this game

Dykstra swinging again

Keyes would walk in this PA

Latimore hit a groundout to Tovar

Martinson swinging

Dugan swinging on 3 pitches

Altherr swinging on 3 pitches

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