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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mets 2015 Draft: 37th Round Pick (#1109) Geoff Hartlieb

Geoff Hartlieb

RHP, 21, 6'6", Lindenwood University

Lindenwood Page

Perfect Game Page

Geoff Hartlieb is a 2012 RHP/ with a 6-6 225 lb. frame from Highland, IL who attends Highland. The college Senior has a long lean build, physically mature body. Over the top arm slot with down hill plane. Medium arm action from a full over the head wind up. Good use of lower body to drive to plate, the ball jumped out of hand with good run on two-seam fastball. Showed a slider with plus potential with late breaking and depth. Outstanding Student. Named To Top Prospect List. 5/18/2015
Notes from Perfect Game
Geoff Hartlieb (College RHP, Highland, IL) is a big physical 6'6 RHP from Lindenwood who showed a 90-93 mph FB and nice slider as well.  

Video from 2015

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