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Thursday, July 23, 2015

On Gavin Cecchini’s Defense, The Good Plays

I showed you all of Gavin Cecchini’s errors here, now check out some of his best plays from the season below.

            Gavin Cecchini has had a great year at the plate so far, with his .310/.371/.449 slash through 84 games (367 PA) good for a 138 wRC+ in the Eastern League, but his 24 errors may have fans concerned about whether he can stick at SS. Although I can offer my opinion of how good his defense at SS looks, I’d much rather just show you what he’s done, and let you decide for yourself. You’ve already seen the error page (if you haven’t, go check it out!), now check out some of the top plays he’s made this year.

His top play of the year, which happened this past week.

From 7/21

From 4/11

From 4/27

From 4/28

From 5/1

From 5/4

From 5/5

From 5/26

From 5/30

From 6/3

From 6/4

From 6/6

From 7/9

From 7/10

From 7/16

From 7/19

From 7/20

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