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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Erik Goeddel Makes First Rehab Appearance For St. Lucie

Image from Scott Rovak - USA Today Sports

The Mets relief pitcher had a rough start to his comeback trail with St. Lucie Sunday afternoon.

            Erik Goeddel made his first rehab appearance for the Mets since being placed on the DL with elbow soreness back on June 12th, throwing 22 pitches for the St. Lucie Mets Sunday afternoon. Goeddel would last only 0.2 IP, allowing a run on 3 singles with 1 strikeout in the 8th inning against Clearwater, but the results are much less important than the fact that he is out there pitching.
Goeddel had been one of the most reliable relievers for Terry Collins over the first two months of the season, pitching to a 1.96 ERA, 2.83 FIP over 22 appearances (23 IP). Since Goeddel was moved to the 60-day DL to make room on the 40-man roster for Tyler Clippard, he is not eligible to come off the DL until August 11th.
Check out a pitch-by-pitch breakdown of his appearance below, with my information coming from the St. Lucie radio broadcast (care of TuneIn) and this iscorecast game log. Adam MacDonald, who is the St. Lucie radioman, made the calls. He called changeups, but he is likely referring to Goeddel’s splitter. Fastball velocity is a little lower than what Goeddel was throwing in the majors this year (BrooksBaseball), but it is his just first appearance back.

8th inning

1)   Aaron Brown singled on a groundball to CF (S8/G)
a.     91 MPH Fastball – ball 1-0, high and outside
b.     Fastball – called strike 1-1, at the knees
c.      Changeup – swinging strike 1-2
d.     Changeup – ball 2-2, outside
e.     91 MPH Fastball – foul 2-2
f.      Changeup – in play

2)   Andrew Pullin struck out swinging (K/Sw)
a.     91 MPH Fastball – foul 0-1
b.     No call – ball 1-1
c.      Fastball – called strike 1-2, at the knees
                    d.     Curveball – swinging strike 3

3)   Rhys Hoskins lined a single into CF (S8/L)
a.     Fastball – swinging strike 0-1, high
b.     No call – foul 0-2
c.      Fastball – ball 1-2, inside
                    d.     Curveball – in play

4) Dylan Cozens grounded into a force out (46/G)
a.     Curveball – ball 1-0, outside
b.     No call – foul 1-1
c.      Fastball – ball 2-1, inside
d.     Changeup – swinging strike 2-2
e.     Changeup – ball 3-2, outside
f.      No call – in play

5) Willians Astudillo hit an RBI single to LF (S7/F)
a.     Curveball – ball 1-0, in the dirt
b.     Fastball – in play

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