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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mazeika and Kaczmarski Make Appy League All-Star Team

Two Kingsport Mets players made the end of season All-Star team.

            Two of the Mets draft picks from the 2015 draft were awarded with Appy league All-Star selections Tuesday. Catcher/1B Patrick Mazeika (8th round) and outfielder Kevin Kaczmarski (9th round) were two of the more advanced college bats selected by the Mets in the 2015 draft, so they were expected to produce in rookie ball, but they’ve been two of the best hitters in the league. Dash Winningham made a strong case for a selection this year, but Bristol 1B Carlos Munoz was awarded with player of the year (he is currently leading the league with a 178 wRC+).

            Patrick Mazeika has hit .353/.447/.549 through 59 games this year, with 27 doubles and 5 bombs, and an impressive 26 K: 20 BB in 253 PA, which is good for a 176 wRC+ (2nd in the Appy league). He’s played about 50% of his games behind the plate, which is where the Mets want him to play long term. He’s not playing back there everyday this year for two reasons: the Mets have other options they’d like to see behind the plate, but more importantly, he just finished a long college season and the Mets are easing him into life as a pro.
            At 23, Kevin Kaczmarski was a bit too old for the league, but the Mets were more focused on Kacz adjusting to life as a pro over the past 10 weeks than having him face age-appropriate competition. He’s hit .349/.414/.485 through 58 games, with 14 doubles, 4 triples, 3 homeruns, 18 stolen bases, and 31 K: 23 BB in 256 PA, which is good for a 150 wRC+ (5th in the Appy league). After playing CF in college, he’s mostly been a left fielder for Kingsport, although he has made a dozen starts in CF too. The Mets may hold him back in XST next season, but it’s possible he skips all the way up to St. Lucie when ready, as he’d still be much older than the SAL competition.

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