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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Steven Matz Makes His First Rehab Appearance With The St. Lucie Mets

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            The Mets got some great news regarding Steven Matz Saturday night, as he made a successful first rehab appearance for the St. Lucie Mets. Matz joined Kirk Nieuwenhuis and David Wright as rehabbing Mets players with the St. Lucie Mets, who were in Jupiter for a weekend series. In his first action since July 5th against Los Angeles, Matz would throw 16 of 23 pitches for strikes (70%), picking up two strikeouts and inducing a pop out. The Hammerheads would scratch out a run on 3 singles, a stolen base, and an E2, but the results are much less important than how Matz feels tomorrow. Matz came in with a 25-pitch limit, so he’ll still need to throw a few more rehab starts before he’s ready to return to the Mets, but it’s just good to see him healthy again!

Pitcher Coverage

Matz – 1 IP, 3 H, R, 2 SO, 23 Pitches (16 Strikes – 4 swinging), 1 Pop out

1st inning

Pitch calls from the St. Lucie radio play-by-play announcer Adam MacDonald.

1)   Yefri Perez lined a single into RF (S9/L)
                                  i.         92 MPH Fastball, called strike 0-1
                                ii.         93 MPH Fastball, in play
2)   Justin Bohn hits an RBI single to Wright – Dubz made a diving stop, but the ball kicked out of his glove (S5/G)
                                  i.         91 MPH Fastball – ball 1-0, high
                                ii.         Fastball – called strike 1-1
*Perez steals 2B and advances to 3B on an E2
                               iii.         86 MPH Changeup – swinging strike 1-2
                               iv.         Changeup – ball 2-2, outside
                                v.         94 MPH Fastball – ball 3-2, high
                               vi.         94 MPH Fastball – foul 3-2
                             vii.         Fastball, in play
3)   Austin Dean struck out swinging (K/Sw)
                                  i.         89 MPH Fastball – called strike 0-1
                                ii.         89 MPH Fastball – ball 1-1
                               iii.         77 MPH Curveball – called strike 1-2
                               iv.         93 MPH Fastball – swinging strike 3
4)   Avery Romero lined a single into RF (S9/L)
                                  i.         Called strike 0-1
                                ii.         90 MPH Fastball – ball 1-1, outside
                               iii.         In play
5)   Brian Anderson popped out to Evans in foul territory (4/P)
                                  i.         91 MPH Fastball – called strike 0-1
                                ii.         Curveball – ball 1-1, outside
                               iii.         Fastball – ball 2-1, high
                               iv.         Fastball, in play
6)   Harold Riggins struck out swinging (K/Sw)
                                  i.         92 MPH Fastball – foul 0-1
                                ii.         93 MPH Fastball – swinging strike 0-1
                               iii.         Fastball – swinging strike 3

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