Astromets Mind: February 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Changing The State Of Publicly Available Minor League Stats

There’s not much information about a major league game that can’t be found online from one of a few sites these days, but minor league data is stuck back in the dark ages, so I’ve scraped everything MiLB tracks from every minor league game over the past 5 years to create the most complete minor league stat page to date

The Problem

Thanks to PITCHF/x, Statcast, MLBAM, and other stat tracking companies, baseball fans can learn every piece of information about a major league baseball game, from how fast pitches were thrown (or hit), to an outfielder’s reaction time and route efficiency on a fly ball to the gap. Sites like Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference offer park and league adjusted stats to compare and analyze major league players, and further break down performances by every split you can imagine. However, when it comes to the minor league side of the game, unless you go to the game with your own calibrated radar gun, you’re not even guaranteed to get reliable pitch velocities, and no tracked pitch information (type/speed/location) is available for free online (possibly at all?). Also, Baseball-Reference has a few splits, but they only track the basic stats for those splits, and you can’t compare players by split. Similarly, while Fangraphs posts FIP for minor league pitchers and a league-adjusted wRC+ for minor league batters, they don’t share the constants they use, or offer any minor league splits. Statcorner and Minor League Central offer a little more batted ball information (although Minor League Central hasn’t updated since 6/18/2015), and you can get spray charts from MLBFarm, but no site brings it all together… until now. Introducing the Astromets Mind Minor League Stat Page, which is my attempt at bringing the best from the aforementioned stat sites into two Tableau worksheets – one for batters, one for pitchers.

My Solution

Monday, February 1, 2016

Mets Minors Transactions – January 5-31, 2016

Loving that new Fireflies logo!

Keeping track of recent minor transactions within the Mets system

Last time

New York Mets

1/14 – Signed RHP Luis Chirinos to a minor league contract.

1/15 – Signed C Nevin Ashley to a minor league contract.

1/21 – Signed 3B Niuman Romero to a minor league contract.

1/22 – DFA’d Carlos Torres to make room for the signing of LH RP Antonio Bastardo (2 years/$12 million). INF Danny Muno was invited to the major league side of spring training.

1/26 – REONIS UPSEDES!!!!! The Mets brought Yoenis Cespedes back on an unexpected deal – 3-years/$75 million with the 1-year opt-out – stealing him away from the Nationals at the same time.

1/27 – OF Darrell Ceciliani was DFA’d.

1/29 – The Mets announced that top OF prospect Brandon Nimmo has a torn tendon in his left foot

Las Vegas 51s

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