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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Matz Is Like... Half Man, Half Amazin'

The original Iron Matz image!

Verse 1 of the newest hit from DJ Iron Matz (Audio at the bottom)

Matz is Like

Surgery or exile, tendons inserted, a new forearm being born
Same time my mans career is over, the beginning and end
As far as pitching go, it’s only natural I explain
My repertoire, and, also, what defines my game
First I was a thrower only, but times have changed
Ask me now, I’m the pitcher, but hardcore, my arm feels no pain
I get time in the fame, but keep my mind on the game
Saw Thor promoted, and fans post lines of his K’s
Saw my close friends have success, am I next?
That depends, carry baseballs to practice my aim
On rooftops, tape cd covers to trees
Set a fake batter up with your weak picture then release
Throw curveballs to lost souls, in my crosshairs
To the corner outfielders that make the big dough
To the sluggers living large, swinging a light bat
Crushing weak pitchers, getting nice, enjoying your stat line
Is what you make it, SABR advice, too few take it
Head stuck up their ass in the old ways
Majors and minors, pitching legend, presence is felt
And of course M-A-T-Z are the letters that spell…
Matz is like life or death, I'm a rebel
My repertoire is deep, I never fail

Matz is like.. half man half amazin’

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