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Friday, April 15, 2016

Mets Minors GIFs of the Week

Highlighting the best GIF’s from the last week in Mets minor’s action.

April 7-14

       A very Fireflies-themed edition of 'GIF's of the Week'. I expect Friday will be the weekly day for these posts.

Play of the Week

            Ivan Wilson made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen to keep the Fireflies combined no-hitter intact during the 5th inning.


            David Thompson hit the first ever homerun in Fireflies history when he launched a three run blast Saturday, but that would become overshadowed by the teams combined no-hitter.

            Maikis De La Cruz hit a Moon shot in the Erie opener that the cameras had no chance of tracking.

            Since there were only two homers that I covered, check out the following extra base hits: Ivan Wilson’s powerful doubles, Thompson’s triple to CF, and Dominic Smith’s first two AA doubles.


            Wilson just missed a bomb to right center during Friday’s disappointing loss against Charleston.

            Wilson demolished this fastball from highly touted Braves prospect Touki Toussaint during game one Tuesday.


            After hitting a homerun Saturday, Thompson launched two balls to the warning track Sunday. The first was caught in LF, but the second went over the center fielder’s head for a triple.


            Smith picked up his first extra base hit of the year that counted on Wednesday. His previous double had been discounted after the other team appealed, and the 1B ump ruled that Smith had missed the 1B bag.

            Smith turned on his double against Erie, something he needs to do more of moving forward.


            Ramos is known for his defense, and he showed off why with two dazzling plays on Fireflies opening night, the second of which led to two outs.

            Ramos made a similar play to what he did in game one during the no-hitter.

            From Wednesday’s finale in Rome, Ramos shows nice range moving to his left and whips a strong throw across his body.

            Thompson made a strong play at 3B in nearly every game he played. Here he does a good job charging a bunt and making the strong throw to 1B.

            Thompson showed good range to his left as he leaped to field this grounder during the no-hitter.

            He showed off that good range to his left again on Sunday, starting a double play after cutting in front of Ramos to field a grounder.

            He showed good range to his right and a strong arm on Wednesday in Rome.

            J.C. made an amazing diving stop from shortstop on a sharply hit grounder with the infield drawn during Sunday’s game.

            For some reason, the B-Mets are apparently not going to use McNeil at shortstop early in the season, but he ends up making a throw from the shortstop side of the bag after showing great range in Tuesday’s loss.

            Mazzilli showed nice range going to his right and then used the Jeter-jump as he made a strong throw to 1B for the out Thursday night.


            I caught the first two Ingram starts of 2016, and they were both very impressive. He picked up 7 K’s against Charleston in the opener, and then added 8 K’s while helping the Fireflies sweep Rome Wednesday.

            When Bashlor made his 2016 debut on Friday night in Charleston, it was the first time he had pitched since August 2013. But that doesn’t matter when you’re throwing 96 MPH on the corners with consistency, like Bashlor was last Friday night. That led to 5 strikeouts in just 2 IP, and a lot of scouts looking up from their end of game drinks.

            I said I was excited to see what McIlraith could do in my Fireflies roster preview, but I never expected he’d throw a no-hitter his first time out! How do you follow that up, Johnny McVan Der Raith?

            Limited by a fastball that sits in the upper 80’s, Canelon nonetheless K’d 6 River Dogs batters over 4 innings during his SAL debut thanks to good control of some decent secondaries.

            Badamo didn’t finish with a high strikeout total, although you can see that he induced a good number of swinging strikes from the Rome batters. He was as advertised, efficient, pitching to contact, and inducing groundballs.

            Since I knew little about Shaw coming in, he surprised me with his 8-strikeout performance, but it was a lot of fun to watch. It’s not like the ump had a wide zone either, the Braves batters just couldn’t connect with Shaw’s stuff, whiffing on 12 of 69 pitches (17.4%).

            Jannis flirted with a no-hitter into the 7th inning Thursday night, and finished with 5 strikeouts. When he’s near the zone, he’s tough for any batter, so he just needs to prove he can have more nights like this. He did leave a few hangers against Erie, and one was finally punished in fair territory in the 8th. It would go for a two run bomb, and knock Jannis out of the game.

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