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Friday, April 29, 2016

Mets Minors GIFs of the Week

Highlighting the best GIF’s from the last week in Mets minor’s action.

April 22-28

It’s OK to dance, because it’s time for the GIF’s of the Week!!


            Victor Cruzado hit a homerun on back-to-back days this week for his first two extra base hits in Double-A:
He nearly hit his face on the scoreboard in Sunday’s victory

And then made contact with a billboard beyond RF in Monday’s win

            Amed Rosario hit another homerun for St. Lucie Saturday night, his second already after 0 last year.

            Jeffrey Diehl also hit a pair of homeruns, although both were such Moon shots that the Greenville camera’s couldn’t follow them beyond the Mini Monster!

            I’ll try to find out if they’ve kept track of this sort of thing, but I’d bet this homerun from Ivan Wilson Tuesday night is the early distance leader for Spirit Communications Park.

            J.C. Rodriguez also hit a homerun Tuesday night, and a fan used his hat to make the catch!


            Oberste isn’t known for his defense, and he hasn’t had many chances at 1B playing on the same roster as Dominic Smith for a third straight season, but he looked great on both ends of this double play Friday night.

            Evans has been as cold at the plate as the temperature in Binghamton, but he’s looked good in the field:
Playing 2B on Saturday

            Gsellman isn’t just a promising pitching prospect, he’s also very good at fielding his position, which is always a nice bonus. Despite not having his best stuff, he turned in one of his better Double-A outings Monday, and his defense helped:
He fielded a bunt attempt and made a throw to 1B just in time for the out in the 1st inning

And started a double play on this comebacker in the 2nd

Ramos had made some nice plays over the first few games of the Fireflies series with Greenville, but nothing flashy, though he did show off his great arm. He was finally given a chance to do something flashy Sunday, and he came through in both opportunities:
He had a long way to run for this ball and still makes a strong accurate throw to 1B

Great play diving to his right on a line drive in the 4th, and I added a slo-mo effect to the second angle so you can better appreciate the play.


            Sewald made Miguel Olivo look really bad against his slider in the 8th inning last Friday night. He usually sticks to the bottom of the strike zone, but he elevated against Jarret Parker for his second K of the frame.

            Canelon turned in his longest start of the year, and matched a season high with 6 strikeouts Friday night.

            After losing his command in the 1st inning, Tyler Badamo bounced back to give the club a quality start Saturday night, and nearly last 7 innings while picking up 5 K’s.

            It was Shaw’s shortest and least effective outing of the year, but he still showed good swing-and-miss stuff while striking out 5 over his 4 innings Sunday afternoon.

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