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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dodgers Phenom Julio Urias Throws 6-Hitless With 6 K’s

The lefty lasted 6 innings for the first time in 2016 and just the 7th time in his minor league career

            Unless you just don’t follow baseball that closely, you’ve probably at least heard of Julio Urias, the pride of the Dodgers system (at least now that Corey Seager has graduated). Urias, still just 19 and a lefty, is considered one of the top starting pitching prospect in the minors, if not the best, and he’s already crushing it in AAA. His Oklahoma City Dodgers hosted the New Orleans Zephyrs Wednesday morning, and Urias was on top of his game, allowing 0 hits while facing the minimum with 6 K's over 6 innings. The one baserunner he did allow came on an E6 behind him, but Urias picked that runner off instead of dealing with the next batter.
            Before we take a look at some GIF’s from this start, let’s review what Urias throws. Per Baseball America’s 2016 Prospect Guidebook, Urias sits 90-95 with his fastball, topping at 97 MPH. He also mixes in a changeup that projects to be a plus pitch, and a curveball that he can manipulate. On top of the plus stuff, he keeps the ball hidden well during his motion and will change arm angles without losing effectiveness.

Julio Urias - 6 IP, 0 H, 6 K (4 K/Sw), 6 GB: 3 LD: 2 PU, 77 Pitches (52 Strikes), 5 Swinging, 22 Called, 6.5% SwStr, 16.7% Whiff/Swing, 12.8 Pitches/IP, 18 BF

Table 1 – Urias pitch stats by inning

*6.5% Swinging strike rate; 16.7% Whiff/Swing

1st inning

            Urias was rarely behind Wednesday night, but he fell behind 3-1 to the first batter of the game, and Kenny Wilson lined out to deepish left field. Robert Andino was up next, and the count went to 2-2 before Urias ended the AB with his first strikeout of the game.

            Urias ended the frame with by striking out Destin Hood on this pitch in the dirt.

2nd inning

            His streak reached 3 straight K’s when Dan Black went down looking to start the inning.

            He’d need just 6 more pitches to finish the frame, retiring Isaac Galloway and Matt Juengel on grounders to his middle infielders.

3rd inning

             Tomas Telis made solid contact on the first pitch from Urias in the 3rd inning, but it went for a line out to LF. Elliot Soto was up next, and he’d make Urias work for 8 pitches, but ultimately took a 3-2 pitch for strike 3 (wasn't shown).

            Urias then turned his attention to the opposing pitcher, striking out Paul Clemens on 4 pitches to end the frame.

4th inning

            There were no strikeouts from Urias in the 4th inning, but it was a quick and strong inning for the stud. He induced a pair of grounders to the right side and a pop out.

5th inning

            Urias got similar results in the 5th inning – the grounders were hit to his shortstop this inning – but New Orleans picked up their first baserunner on an E6 to start the frame. I guess Urias didn’t want to face more batters than necessary though, because after the Dodgers failed to convert a double play to end the frame, he went to work on the baserunner. It took 4 throws, but Urias finally did pickoff Matt Juengel to end the frame.

6th inning

            Urias kept the ball on the infield again in the 6th while adding his final K of the game. Telis lined out to 1B, Soto hit a groundout to shortstop, and then Austin Nola came up for his first AB of the game. I’m guessing Nola wishes that AB came in the 7th, because Urias made quick work of him to end his start in style, striking him out on this 1-2 pitch.

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