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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Previewing The Mets New Minor League Relievers: Gerson Bautista

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Unless otherwise noted, the “stuff” information gathered comes from listening to the broadcasters as I dug up old highlights. 

From the Addison Reed Trade

RHP Gerson Bautista, 22

2017 in the CAR: 45.1 IP, 24.1 K%: 12.7 BB%, 5.16 ERA, 3.74 FIP, 37.5 GB%, 11.6% Swinging strike rate, 60% Strikes

The path to the Mets: The Red Sox signed Gerson Bautista for $250K as a 17-year old international free agent on 4/1/2013, but Bautista would miss the entire 2013 season with a PED suspension. He spent 2014 dominating in the DSL as a starter, did the same in the GCL during the 2015 season, but was then moved to the pen for the 2016 season. He split 2016 between the NYPL and the SAL, and did well enough during his short stint in Greenville to start the 2017 season in the FSL.

The stuff: Bautista is technically a three-pitch reliever, and he’ll use all three during his outings, but it’s all about the fastball. He sits 95+ with ease, is consistently 98-99 during his outings, and the Salem Red Sox announcer said, “he’ll hit 100 routinely.” That announcer also said that Bautista’s favorite pitch is the fastball and all teams know that. St. Lucie’s announcer had him “routinely clocking” 100-101 on 8/15 in Clearwater.
Bautista also mixes in a slider (87-90 MPH) and splitter (90-92 MPH), but those pitches are graded well below the fastball, and he sometimes tips his slider. There doesn’t appear to be a consensus on which is the better secondary right now, but I thought the current splitter showed more potential, and I expect the Mets will try to teach him a new “Warthen Slider” anyway. A hard splitter could work well for him since he has trouble getting the ball down and guys looked pretty comfortable taking close pitches from Bautista. If he can stay around the zone with better secondaries, he should get more chases, which might be enough to prevent some of these walks.

The secondaries: Unfortunately, Gerson Bautista is Rule-5 eligible this offseason. Fortunately, he’s still so raw that it’s hard to imagine him lasting in a major league pen for the entire 2018 season, so I would doubt he gets picked as of now. Still, the Mets might want to protect their new asset, especially if they send him to Instructs’ and they see growth in his secondaries. On that note, he’s participated in the Red Sox instructs in each of the past three offseasons.
            Considering he has a potential 80-grade fastball, Bautista has legit closer/setup man upside, but there’s still a lot of work for him to do to get there, if he ever does.

The GIFs:
With Salem
7/10: 1.2 IP, 5 H, 5 R (2 ER), 3 K: 2 BB, 1 GO: 1 FO, 51 Pitches (30 Strikes)
-       Gavin Collins struck out swinging

-       Martin Cervenka flied out to RF
-       Jodd Carter lined a single into CF

-       Daniel Salters singled through the right side
-       Sam Haggerty struck out swinging

-       Ka’ai Tom doubled to RF

-       Sicnarf Loopstok struck out swinging

-       Connor Marabell walked

-       Willi Castro walked

-       Collins reached on an E4

-       Cervenka doubled to RF

-       Cater doubled to RF

7/16: 2 IP, 2 H, R, 2 K: 1 BB, 1 GO: 3 FO, 29 Pitches (19 Strikes)
-       Lucas Erceg flied out to CF

-       Jake Gatewood flied out to CF

-       Isan Diaz doubled to RF

-       Monte Harrison struck out looking

-       Luis Aviles struck out swinging

-       Cooper Hummel flied out to CF

-       Corey Ray walked

-       Trent Clark singled to LF

-       Troy Stokes Jr. hit a groundout to 3B

7/27: 2 IP, 2 H, R, 4 K: 1 BB, 2 GO, 38 Pitches (23 Strikes)
-       Alex Murphy doubled to RF

-       Ricardo Andujar hit a sac bunt

-       Armando Araiza doubled to LF

-       Drew Turbin hit a groundout to SS

-       Jay Gonzalez struck out swinging

-       Ademar Rifael struck out swinging

-       Randolph Gassaway struck out swinging

-       Shane Hoelscher walked
-       Glynn Davis struck out looking

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